MSNBC host Joy Reid recently became the subject of media scrutiny over a series of homophobic blog posts she published during 2007-2009. The anti-gay musings were discovered by Twitter user, Jamie M., who shared them in an informational thread that went viral on the social media network. This prompted Reid to issue a formal apology on NBC OUT and her official Facebook page, where she deemed the posts “insensitive, tone deaf, and dumb.”

While the AM Joy host acknowledged the crude tone of her now-defunct Reid Report ramblings, some feel her official explanation is lacking. In it, Reid never apologizes for the countless teasing she engaged in based on gay stereotypes. The MSNBC anchor also failed to address the unsupported claims she made about a man (former Florida Governor Charlie Crist) she perceived as homosexual. The problem with that is Joy Reid has a record of making unsupported claims.

Steve Lookner, of RSBN, and radio host, Wayne Dupree, did not regard Reid’s apology as sincere.

In August, Reid spread an unproven rumor that the Trump campaign hired black actors to pose as supporters. In September, she made a now-debunked allegation about outside political influences affecting information seen on Twitter. In October, the AM Joy host tried to insinuate the Clinton-funded Trump dossier was predominately commissioned by a Republican candidate, when it wasn’t. Last month, the MSNBC anchor inaccurately claimed 17 U.S. intelligence agencies cited Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Now this month, her previously-positive regard for the gay community appears to be under question.

Earlier this year, Reid made headlines after going on a transphobic Twitter rant against transgender activist and infamous military-whistleblower, Chelsea Manning. The MSNBC host also lacks a substantial account of advocacy regarding the LGBT community. A documented history of Reid particularly supporting the gay community, outside of a few posts on social media, simply doesn’t exist.

The first tweet in a thread of posts from Twitter user, Jamie M., documenting Joy Reid’s homophobic past.

What does exist are two years worth of over a dozen anti-gay blog posts mocking gay stereotypes while weaponizing homosexuality as a negative. Factor that in with the AM Joy host’s documented history of dissimulation and it becomes even harder to gauge Reid’s authenticity concerning her recent apology and work in general. MSNBC has yet to formally address complaints about their host’s recently exposed anti-gay past or record of erroneous reporting, which only perpetuates it. Will Joy Reid ever be held accountable for her unacceptable professional behavior?