I had no idea that a mere Twitter thread would warrant a media storm. But it happened and here we are.

I am a conservative Republican. I’m also an activist. Because of this, some assume that the reasoning behind the Twitter thread I published was politically motivated. To some extent it was, but not in the way they’re insinuating.

Plain and simple: I don’t want Joe Biden to run for president.

Not in 2020. Not ever.

Early Monday morning, I was perusing Twitter and noticed an InStyle magazine article complimenting former Vice President Biden’s style of dress. Moments later, tweets from other media outlets began teasing a potential Biden presidential run in 2020. It was even talked about on The Ellen Show.

I was personally disgusted.

Do the Democrats not remember the Biden grope tapes?

As Vice President, Joe Biden would lead senatorial confirmations. During these swear-ins, he would grope, fondle, sexualize, and molest women and young girls.

These confirmation swear-ins were filmed and broadcast live on C-SPAN and the former Vice President didn’t care.

I took it upon myself to care for him.

After all these years, someone had to.

Hearing talk of a Biden presidency in 2020 prompted me to remind people why that’s a bad idea.

Hence the creation of a Twitter thread documenting Biden’s rich history of public, in-your-face predatory behavior.

Here it is.

The content you are about to see is extremely sensitive.

The Biden Grope Tapes, a Twitter thread/moment:


You get the jest.

(You can view all 32 videos and 12 pictures from the entire thread on my Twitter account.)

This is not about politics. This is about keeping predators away from positions of power. This should be a bipartisan expectation.

Special thanks to Gavin McInnes/CRTV, Paul Joseph Watson/Infowars, S.E. Cupp/HLN, Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire, Dinesh D’Souza, Mike Cernovich, and all of the other journalists/pundits/media who have shared my Twitter thread.