When everyone and everything seems to be against Trump, maybe there’s a reason you shouldn’t be.

If you’ve watched cable news or followed the online musings of notable media progressives, president-elect Trump seems destined to fail. During a recent interview with Oprah, Michelle Obama suggested that Americans are feeling “what not having hope feels like.” While the first lady’s statement itself is both subjective and personally interpretive, the mainstream media has been echoing similar sentiments ever since election day.

Trump to a CNN reporter, during a recent news press conference.

Each one of President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks are facing intense public scrutiny. His incoming administration isn’t officially active, but has already been accused of potentially killing thousands of Americans with the purposed repealing of Obamacare — which hasn’t yet happened. Implications of a treasonous relationship between Trump and Russia have only amplified since the election. A musician that agreed to perform at Trump’s inauguration ceremony had to cancel after receiving death threats. The media is even keeping a running tally of politicians that are reportedly boycotting the president-elect’s inaugural induction.

The media has not been honest or welcoming towards the Trump administration.

Resistance to Trump and his inaugural efforts appear to be so strong that they have sparked an official movement known as #DisruptJ20. #DisruptJ20 is actively organizing protests that oppose Trump’s administration and his January 20th inauguration ceremony. The group’s website claims #DisruptJ20 “rejects all forms of domination and oppression, particularly those based on racism, poverty, gender & sexuality, organizes by consensus, and embraces a diversity of tactics.” A statement at the bottom of their website says “#DisruptJ20 does not collaborate with law enforcement.” While the About Page on the #DisruptJ20 website uses a list called “St. Paul Principles” to state that the movement opposes violence, their radical social media posts easily contradict that claim. They state that they plan to “shut down the Inauguration ceremonies.” One can only hope that they intend to peacefully execute such an unnecessary cause.

A tweet from the official Twitter account of #DisruptJ20.

From the outside looking in, America appears like it holds no respect for our incoming president. But only if you disregard the fact that over 62,000,000 Americans voted for him. The same pundits alleging that president-elect Trump has the worst approval ratings in modern U.S. history are the same political commentators who unflinchingly swore Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. And we all know how that turned out. Progressives who are upset with the election results argue that the popular vote (which Hillary Clinton won by 3,000,000) matters. However, it truly doesn’t when considering that America has successfully functioned with an electoral college for 230 years. Individual votes matter, but so does the voting outcome of entire counties. Counties which make up the body of America. During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but an overwhelming number of entire counties voted for Donald Trump. The United States has an electoral college to give all of the country a voice, not just the areas of it with a higher population. This was reflected in the way America voted during the recent election. Voters spanning the entire country voted for Donald Trump. It’s incredibly ignorant to act like the opinion of 62,000,000 voters is insignificant just because you don’t agree with the candidate they chose.

A map of counties across America that supported Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It’s easy to ride the hysteria bandwagon and believe unverified rumors about Trump that have literally inspired some people to construct post-apocalyptic bunkers on their private property. Regardless, most Americans with common sense know better. Since Donald Trump has been elected, the stock market has risen, foreign relations are improving, and the president-elect is actively working on keeping jobs in America — all before taking office. This kind of action from a president-elect is unprecedented. Scandal and rumor from a president is not. While the media blatantly fails to hide its bias against Trump, Hillary Clinton is quietly closing the Clinton Global Initiative due to a lack of foreign donations following her election loss. Now that Hillary Clinton doesn’t hold a position that affords her government influence to sell, her foundation has lost its value. While news about the CGI closing could serve as relief to Trump voters that feared corruption under a Clinton administration, it’s neglected in favor of fake news rumors about an unsubstantiated intelligence document that is potentially damaging to Trump.

While Trump defends himself from a ‘fake’ news scandal, the Clintons experience a real one.

The only support group Trump supporters have is each other and our common sense possessing allies, which do exist. In reality, people are shocked that Trump is about to become America’s 45th president — but they’re lives haven’t ultimately been affected by it. While the media, disruptive movements, and progressive extremists divisively tell you to “resist,” think about what embracing those that are resisting supports. Resisting president-elect Trump is resisting 62,000,000 voters. It’s resisting a 230 year old practice that has kept America in tact when elections by popular vote have failed democracies. It’s resisting the Republican party, which is still a dominant political party in the United States, and also the one currently holding majority power. It’s resisting the peaceful transition of power between two elected presidents, which is patently un-American. In modern history, the United States of America has always at least given its incoming president a chance.

Republicans and democrats alike haven’t always welcomed an incoming president-elect with open-arms, but the country definitely didn’t resist a presidential administration in the way people are combatting Trump’s. Manufactured fear and hysteria perpetuated by the American mainstream media doesn’t help. The president-elect is not racist for wanting stronger borders. Donald Trump might’ve made some crude comments directed towards women 20 years ago, but people change. The fact that he wants the U.S. to have a cordial relationship with its nuclear counterpart (Russia) is logical, not treasonous. While he may disagree with abortion, he has made no plans to change its legal standing. The former Apprentice host even admitted that he has no plans to hinder the legalization of gay marriage. That being said, what exactly is the anti-Trump opposition resisting? The traditional American process?

Donald Trump isn’t officially president yet. Placing blame on him for events you can’t guarantee will happen is unnecessary, counterproductive, foolish, and alarmist. With January 20th and unpredictable times upon us, maybe we should turn off our propaganda-spouting televisions, avoid extremists, and resist the resistance. Maybe it’s also time to stop pretending like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump weren’t the only two options Americans had to choose from. Our choices were never ideal to begin with. Can you at least give the option America rightfully elected a chance? Until your life is negatively affected by our soon-to-be 45th president, you don’t have a reason not to. Even Hillary Clinton believes that Americans should respect the results of free and fair elections. She’s absolutely right.

Hillary Clinton, speaking on the importance of respecting the outcome of an election.