We often don’t consider the human rights of the unborn when it comes to abortion. But what if the baby that was supposed to be aborted survives their procedure?

Gianna Jessen, an American anti-abortion and disability rights activist. Also a survivor of a failed abortion attempt.

The Women’s March on Washington was an event that took place the day after this year’s inauguration. It was organized in direct protest of the rhetoric and policies purported by president Donald Trump. With pink knitted caps dubbed ‘pussy hats’ and the mission statement “women’s rights are human rights,” Women’s March on Washington attracted a reported five million attendees spanning from D.C. to various cities across the world. The main focus of the spectacle seemed centered around abortion rights.

Participants of the Women’s March on Washington.

As I followed use of the #WomensMarch hashtag on Twitter, I couldn’t help but contemplate a time when I was pro-choice. When I advocated for a woman’s right to choose, I did so passionately. If a person didn’t agree with abortion, I would badger them with the typical talking-points one would expect from a pro-abortionist until they changed the subject or we agreed to disagree. I didn’t see what the big deal was about procreating adults being able to negate the responsibility of parenting, even if they brought it upon themselves. Until mid-2015, I was still on the fence regarding my feelings concerning abortion. I wasn’t a fan of what the procedure entails, but didn’t feel like abortion itself was inherently evil. Then my religious aunt Amy sent me a Facebook message containing video of a court testimony from pro-life advocate Gianna Jessen.

The video my Aunt Amy sent me of Gianna Jessen’s powerful court testimony about her survival of an abortion attempt.


I’ve never been so emotionally affected by a YouTube video before. As Gianna Jessen bravely explained how she was meant to die during a botched saline abortion in 1977, I was shaken to the core. A pregnant 17 year old went to Planned Parenthood to abort her seventh month old fetus. She was approved for the procedure. The doctor began the abortion, opting for the saline method. Now rarely used, this method involves the injection of a saline solution intended to burn and suffocate an unwanted fetus until it succumbs to death. During this procedure, however, Jessen’s desire to live thankfully outweighed the effects of the saline. Because a standard abortion doctor wasn’t present to ensure the pregnancy was terminated, an on-staff nurse made the decision to call for an ambulance and Gianna Jessen was officially delivered. Listening to her harrowing story quite literally changed my life — or at least my outlook on life itself.

An interaction between myself and Gianna Jessen on Twitter.

I never knew that survivors of abortion existed. Further research revealed that Gianna Jessen was one of many. It was easy to have a nonchalant outlook on abortion before, when the victims aside from the mother didn’t have a face. But now they did. Now I knew that some people had actually survived unwanted pregnancies that weren’t successfully terminated. I haven’t viewed abortion the same since learning of Jessen’s agonizing experience. Especially late-term abortion. The more research I did about abortion and its history, the more I felt betrayed by the modern abortion industry and more specifically Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood was founded in 1916 by Margaret Sanger, a practicing eugenicist. Sanger pioneered abortion and birth control access around the idea that it would limit procreation from minority groups the eugenicist felt were unfit for human life. This is not fake news. Planned Parenthood even lightly made reference to this in a video recently released in celebration of their 100 year anniversary. In the clip narrated by Lena Dunham, below, Sanger’s alignment with eugenicists is casually reduced to a “conflicting legacy.” But we can all relax knowing that Planned Parenthood isn’t racist because Lena Dunham said it isn’t, right? With almost 80% of Planned Parenthood facilities being in minority communities, it must simply be a “coincidence. Even rapper Nick Cannon publicly aired his grievances concerning black genocide at the hands of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Some information on Planned Parenthood and their so-called “women’s health services”:

A video debunking the Planned Parenthood myth that abortion accounts for only 3% of the services they offer.

A video debunking the Planned Parenthood myth that they offer prenatal care services.

In a video Planned Parenthood recently released in honor of their 100 year anniversary, Sanger’s involvement with eugenics for the purpose of ethnic cleansing is briefly mentioned.


Knowing the blatantly racist history of Planned Parenthood makes it something I do not feel comfortable contributing my taxpayer dollars to. The same people telling me that I should excuse it are the same crowd saying Colin Kaepernick was “heroic” for disrespecting the national anthem. That’s contradictory. If the racist past of America is unforgivable, why is the past of Planned Parenthood? It wouldn’t be under any other circumstances. But when it comes to abortion, people tend to ignore the truth in favor of convenience. With the availability of condoms, birth control and the Plan B pill, I’m amazed that education of personal responsibility is traded in favor of the desire for easily preventable death. People have told me that the need for abortion is more complicated than that, but it really isn’t. Either birth control, contraceptives, Plan B, or the willingness to accept responsibility are intentionally negated, or the abortion seeker is part of the small percentage of people that request the procedure due to rape, birth defects or health reasons. While I’m still no fan of abortion under any circumstances, those sporadic situations are complicated and at least based on reason. The scenarios that tend to account for the bulk of the billion dollar abortion industry are not and could be competently avoided.

I get it. I’m a gay male speaking about something I’ll never personally experience. The average third wave feminist will read my words and continue to clench selfish proclamations such as “my body, my choice,” and they’re entitled to their narcissism. I’m not sharing the story of my pro-life awakening in an effort to tell women how to handle their bodies. I’m sharing what I’ve learned to pass along some wisdom for the human conscience. The organization glamorizing something as emotionally and physically damaging as abortion doesn’t care about your loss. All Planned Parenthood cares about is their agenda and financial gain. I understand that it’s easy to normalize abortion because no one wants to see children suffer due to irresponsible parenting. But with so many resources available, there really isn’t an excuse to bring life into this world only to turn around and end it. And why are we calling it “health care”?

There is some good news. A lot of millennial Americans are starting to warm up to the pro-life movement. The United States is also currently experiencing a historic drop in abortions performed throughout the country. Minds are changing and people are choosing personal responsibility over preventable murder. While the mainstream media is reporting that the first-ever, pro-abortion Women’s March on Washington was “historic” and “record breaking,” they’ve clearly forgotten about the March for Life. The annual pro-life event that also takes place in Washington D.C. has garnered crowds of well-over 650,000. Coverage of the yearly occasion is so underwhelming that president Trump recently called out the mainstream media’s failure to give March for Life the kind of coverage Women’s March on Washington received. Vice president Pence will also be speaking at this year’s march. No previous president or vice-president has ever spoken at the March for Life before. With a series of major firsts taking place on both sides of the political spectrum, it’ll be interesting to see which march garners the biggest show of support. Being pro-life isn’t about being on the right side of history, it’s about being on the right side of humanity.

The 2017 March for Life will be taking place in Washington D.C. Friday, January 27th.

President Trump, calling out the mainstream media’s failure to cover the annual March for Life.