But only if they’re republican, conservative, or a supporter of Donald Trump.

I have legitimately been a fan of RuPaul for two decades. Since the debut of his VH1 show in 1996, I’ve followed the career of the supermodel, television host, and recording artist. That is, until now. Apparently, RuPaul doesn’t like any opinion that differs from his own.

An exchange I had with RuPaul on Twitter.

An exchange I had with RuPaul on Twitter.

RuPaul recently tweeted about his disdain for the American electoral college, who elected Donald Trump as president regardless of Hillary Clinton reportedly winning the popular vote. I responded to this musing by admitting that I was a fan, but felt like this sentiment challenged democracy. I reminded the supermodel and Drag Race host that the electoral college serves as a voice for all Americans, not just urban based ones of higher populated areas. How did RuPaul, a celebrated advocate for tolerance, respond? By blocking my Twitter account from having access to his own.

It just became apparent that I’m not welcome in RuPaul’s “family.”

I have to admit I was slightly shocked. No insults were directed at RuPaul. I wasn’t even truly bothered by his tweet. I just responded to it with my own perspective, which is clearly not one RuPaul accepts. I didn’t even realize that he had blocked my account until another Twitter user mentioned a similar experience they had, which prompted me to check.


Another user on Twitter, telling me about their own online experience with RuPaul.

As a longstanding fan of RuPaul, I guess I’m just disappointed. For 20 years, I’ve admirably watched him promote messages of realness, love, perseverance, and equality. To be lazily silenced for respectfully disagreeing with his opinion goes against the person I thought I had grown to know. RuPaul once crashed a political event in New Hampshire. During the occasion, he was quoted telling republicans, “don’t be a drag.” I am a republican, fellow member of the LGBT community, and accept RuPaul’s advice. I just wish he’d also take it.