People scrutinize Trump for bringing victims of the Clintons to the recent debate, but it made sense. Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Kathy Shelton were tired of hearing the media make Trump’s words seem worse than Bill and Hillary’s actions. Now I can see why.

After the debate aired, the women of the ABC daytime show, The View, proceeded to tear these rape and assault victims down. Whoopi Goldberg collectively called them a “bitch,” while Joy Behar referred to them as “tramps.”

It was truly mortifying to see Whoopi Goldberg say Hillary Clinton is more of a victim when she did not suffer the physical abuse, humiliation, and intimidation, all of these women claim to have suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton. 

After witnessing The View’s grossly hypocritical misogyny, it made sense why Trump shared the stories of these women with us. It also makes sense to boycott The View, and ABC, for being so anti-women — unless that woman is Hillary Clinton.

A daytime television show featuring a panel of strong females should know better. I am appalled. Whoopi and Joy need to be held accountable for this sort of disgusting campaigning.

Following yesterday’s poor comments made against rape and assault victims on ABC’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg further admits no fault in calling the women a “bitch,” while Joy Behar practically laughed as she offers the most insincere apology I’ve ever seen.

I will continue to boycott The View, ABC, and partnering sponsors until this is properly addressed. I can’t believe any program that’s supposed to support women would allow this!

After I shared my disdain for The View co-hosts extremely insensitive commentary, an outpouring of responses on social media from abuse victims who did not appreciate the comments of Goldberg and Behar, were sent my way.

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People are not happy seeing victims be marginalized because of a presidential election. As the hashtag #boycottTheView begins to trend on social media forums, ABC and The View have some legitimate explaining to do. This isn’t the right view for a show that’s for women, by women. NBC television host Billy Bush was recently fired for less.screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-9-14-15-pm

A petition has been started to encourage ABC and their partnering sponsors to hold Goldberg and Behar accountable for their blatant victim-shaming and appropriation of rape culture.