A WikiLeaks release can be a lot to sort through, so I saved you some time.

John Podesta is the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He also served as chief of staff to former president Bill Clinton and has given council to president Barack Obama. Podesta has a longstanding professional history with the Clinton family and is one of Hillary’s closest aides. Recently, thousands of his private emails were leaked via WikiLeaks in a series of batched releases known as The Podesta Emails. WikiLeaks is an international, non-profit, journalistic organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources.

Here is what was discovered in the leaked emails of John Podesta (so far):

#Email16137 – Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, ignored a victim of sexual assault that had worked for the campaign in 2008


Why it matters: The Clinton campaign boasts that it’s a strong advocate for women while marginalizing female assault victims in order to keep abusers free from justice.

#Email12539 – Hillary’s camp admits that only her team and the state department have access to her 55K e-mails


Why it matters: This proves Hillary’s team blatantly withheld emails from Trey Gowdy in order to thwart his investigation. It also shows that the Clinton campaign had never ‘lost’ any emails to begin with.

#Email11500 – John Podesta joked that he wished the San Bernardino shooter were white instead of Muslim


Why it matters: It proves that the Clinton campaign wishes for opportunity — even during a national tragedy. A theme of gross behavior seems to surround this group of people.

#Email12393 – The Clinton campaign doesn’t see the email situation as a hinderance


Why it matters: It reveals that the Clinton campaign sees itself as invincible — even from criminal behavior.

#Email14580 – Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, President Obama and the DNC all colluded to usurp the Federal Election Commission cvacpfrumaakjo2

Why it matters: It reveals that Hillary’s campaign colluded with Obama, Bill Clinton and the DNC to usurp the Federal Election Commission. The F.E.C. seeks to ensure elections in America are fair.

#Email15201 – Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, specifically said he wanted “to make Soros happy”


Why it matters: This is the same billionaire linked to funding the Ferguson protests/riots. Why does the Clinton campaign want to ‘please’ him? Does he have influence over Hillary’s actions?

#Email6900 – People close to Hillary were worried about how her brother “hustling” Haitian gold mines would affect her campaigncutegoyusaaqw8g

Why it matters: The Haitian people were wronged during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Now they continue to be wronged by her own brother.

#Email727 – Hillary’s staff admits her and Obama’s foreign policy will be responsible for future nuclear war


Why it matters: This aligns with Hillary Clinton’s reported reputation as a war-monger.

#Email2175 – The Clinton campaign admits that it has been ‘bird-dogging’ Republican politicians and plans to up until the General Electionscreen-shot-2016-10-18-at-7-29-26-am

Why it matters: It’s blatant proof the Clinton campaign is partaking in behavior that could potentially rig the election in her favor. Watch James O’Keefe’s explosive documentary that exposes the Clinton campaign’s repulsive ‘bird-dogging’ techniques, below.

#Email4208 – Hillary and her aides promote GMO foods while privately encouraging their peers not to eat them


Why it matters: If it’s not good enough for Hillary’s closest aides, why is it suitable for the American public?

#Email3774 – Qatar and Saudi Arabia are funding ISIL


Why it matters: Qatar and Saudi Arabia have donated millions of dollars to the Clintons.


#Email11915 – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign took donations from foreign agents

cu5jqkcvuaewhosWhy it matters: American presidential elections are not supposed to take foreign campaign contributions.

#Email10669 – Hillary Clinton’s staff knew Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be the democrat presidential nominee well before the Primary Electioncu1q7jyuaaaunqz

Why it matters: Multiple WikiLeaks emails from the John Podesta leak, with the DNC leaks, have proven the media and DNC directly colluded with the Clinton campaign to ensure she received the party nomination. This defies the democratic process of fair voting.

#Email8396 – Bill Clinton received a $1 million birthday gift from the country of Qatar


Why it matters: This seems like a pay-to-play transaction and Qatar is a country that funds ISIL.

#Email5205 – Donna Brazile, current DNC Chair and CNN contributor, provided a debate question to Hillary Clinton before the debate took place


Why it matters: If Hillary’s gotten debate questions early in the past, how can we trust that she’s not getting them early now?

#Email7860 – Hillary’s team crafted ways to attack Obama back in 2008, which included birtherism


Why it matters: Hillary has refuted this claim multiple times, even though there’s sources dating back to 2007 proving otherwise.

#Email11152 – Hillary Clinton’s campaign only sought to hire black senior-level staff to influence the African-American vote


Why it matters: It provides further insight into Hillary Clinton’s insincerity towards people of color.

#Email6777 – John Podesta refers to Hispanic Americans as “needy Latinos”


Why it matters: If one of Hillary’s closest aides feels okay referring to Hispanic Americans this way, one can only imagine how Hillary does herself.

#Email2631 – Hillary is still privately against gay marriage


Why it matters: Hillary Clinton only started supporting marriage equality 3 years ago. Obviously it was a ploy to encourage the gay vote. She’s still anti-gay and thinks gays don’t deserve the same rights as heterosexual Americans.

#Email4433 – Hillary Clinton “has begun to hate everyday Americans”


Why it matters: A United States presidential candidate not liking the phrase “everyday Americans” speaks for itself.

#Email6293 – Hillary’s staff has something against the Catholic religion


Why it matters: Religious liberty is one of the principles America was founded on. It appears as if Hillary’s staff wants to change it into something completely different altogether.

#Email7742 – People surrounding Hillary’s campaign can’t even deny how negative it is


Why it matters: Hillary Clinton hypocritically criticizes the presidential campaign of Donald Trump for being negative while equally being negative.

#Email6008 – Three days before Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s untimely death, John Podesta mentioned a slang term for assassination and details that significantly match the location where Scalia passed away


Why it matters: A politically motivated assassination attempt against a Supreme Court Justice would shake America to its core and likely lead to many arrests of connected high profile officials.

#Email2953 – During the primary election, the Clinton campaign considered an attack on Bernie’s health but scrapped the idea in order to not draw attention to Clinton’s own health


Why it matters: This further confirms that Hillary Clinton’s health rightfully warrants public suspicion.

#Email6616, #Email7921, #Email8452, #Email5760 – Hillary’s staff admits her stance against TPP is solely to not upset her chances of being voted on by laborers. She ultimately will support itscreen-shot-2016-10-16-at-6-55-10-pm

Why it matters: Hillary flip-flops (yet again) on so many of her own policy stances it’s hard to tell which position she truly aligns with.

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @jojoh888.

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @jojoh888.

Watch the video below that discusses how the emails have revealed a recurring theme of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the media.

Details from the secret Wall Street transcripts.

#Email927 – During a Wall Street speech, Hillary admitted that she has a public and private opinion on policy


Why it matters: It’s admitted dishonesty.

#Email11011 – Hillary casually admitted during a Wall Street Speech that Obama’s regulations have worsened the economy, yet her campaign platform continues to be an extension of Obama’s failed policies


Why it matters: It reveals a blatant disregard for transformative policy that would likely encourage economic growth.

#Email927 (Continued) – Hillary admitted during a Wall Street speech that her “dream” is for “open borders”


Why it matters: A weak stance on immigration could be a potential threat to American safety and economics.

#Email927 (Continued) – Hillary shared classified information with the attendees of one of her private Wall Street speeches


Why it matters: Classified information was shared during a paid speaking event. Is that even legal?