They’re here, queer, and want to make America great again.

Advocating Donald Trump can be challenging. Hillary Clinton called his supporters “deplorable,” the media scrutinizes his past behavior relentlessly, and society tends to stereotype his supporters as being racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.


Left to right, @LawlessPirate and @ScottPresler showing their support at a Trump campaign event.

In fact, a group of LGBTQ millennials across the United States are working hard to dispel the stigma currently surrounding Trump supporters. The following four men, both online and offline, are going the extra mile to educate Americans about the Donald Trump campaign and its inclusivity of every citizen.

Meet Donald Trump’s most devoted LGBT supporters:



Avid Twitter user, @JoshNoneYaBiz, may call himself “Deplorable Josh” on his Twitter account, yet is anything but in reality. A former liberal, Josh claims he “woke up” and is now a fervent supporter of the Republican presidential nominee due to the fact, “Trump is the first Republican to be so open about supporting and keeping LGBT, along with all Americans, safe.”

Josh elaborates. “Hillary’s two-sidedness when it comes to what she tells donors versus the American people when it comes to LGBTQ issues is important. Also, the danger of what refugees and open borders does to the safety of LGBTQ. What good are rights when you have people coming into the country that are lead by an ideology that says your lifestyle is punishable by death?”

Josh expands upon all of this in his tweets, which range from political news to exposing truths about the Clinton campaign. “I truly used to be a liberal. Basically because I thought as a gay man that was the only acceptable party for me, but becoming informed and being honest with myself showed me I’m much more libertarian or conservative,” he says. “Even though Trump is running as Republican, he really is creating a party of his own in a way.”

A memorable tweet from Josh:



24 year old Virginia resident and activist, @LawlessPirate aka Hutch, is not new to the Republican party. “I saw a home in the Republican Party before Trump because it was the closest thing that represented my ideals,” he says. Now that Trump is his party’s nominee, Hutch sees an opportunity for more unity and inclusion under a Trump presidency. “With trump at the helm, I see him uniting all of us. The gays, the straights, black and white. He calls us Americans. He rallies me to better my country and to be a better man.”

Hutch can be seen door to door canvassing in person or educating voters about the Trump campaign online, via his Twitter account which boasts over 46,000 followers. Hutch is also friends with @ScottPresler, a fellow Virginia native featured below.

A memorable tweet from Hutch:




Photographer, @lucianwintrich, is a media personality and graphic designer from New York City. He is also the artist behind ‘Twinks 4 Trump,’ a satirical photo series that features young gay male models in ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

The project has brought a lot of public attention to Wintrich, but not always the positive kind. At one point, Wintrich was actually fired from his job simply for being a Donald Trump supporter. However, he got the last laugh and channeled his political adversity into an art exhibit which garnered national attention for being the first of its kind — one that is pro-Trump.

NBC News even released a video about Wintrich’s story, below.

A memorable tweet from Lucian:




LGBTQ advocate and Republican activist, @ScottPresler, is a Virginia Beach local and strong supporter of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. On his Twitter account, which boasts over 36,000 followers, Presler can be seen encouraging support for Trump as well as sharing stories about his activism efforts, which includes door to door canvassing for the Donald Trump campaign. Presler is also friends with fellow Virginia resident and Trump advocate, @LawlessPirate.

A memorable tweet from Scott:


LGBTQ Donald Trump supporters are not an urban myth and are working hard to make sure Americans know that.