An unidentified female student of New Jersey’s Montclair State University recently posted two pictures onto her Facebook account that were in support of Donald Trump. One photo featured the student wearing a “Team Trump” t-shirt while holding a Donald Trump themed rally sign. The second photo featured the student’s presumed dinner, a Mexican dish, which she stated was “in honor of the wall we’re gonna build.”

Fellow student, Ashley Théodule, took a screen-shot of the posts and shared them to her own Facebook account, inaccurately alleging her unidentified peer was racist.


Outrage from Ashley’s fellow peers followed:






Then the Trump supporting student began to get insulted and antagonized, even threatened physically:






“Outed and expelled,” for simply showcasing her support for Donald Trump while being slightly insensitive to Mexicans that might want to cross the border to America illegally?

I get it. Immigration in America is a tough issue and this recent election has been particularly polarizing. However, this kind of self-righteous bullying is getting out of control — and it’s unfortunately becoming a normal social practice. A person disagrees with another person, considers themselves right, then uses manufactured guilt to silence their opponent. It’s vicious, it’s unwarranted, and it blatantly negates reality. I mean, did anyone accuse Secretary Clinton of being racist in 2006 for saying “physical barriers” between Mexico and the United States might be necessary?

Why should a Trump supporting university student get more flack than a United States Democrat presidential candidate?

All she did was support stronger immigration practices (poorly, mind you) while also supporting the Republican nominee for president. Now, thanks to Ashley Théodule, she’s being insulted, physically threatened, and wrongly called racist. Last time I checked, it’s not racist to support the enforcement of our country’s immigration laws. Especially when America is one of the more weak countries when it comes to border control enforcement. Thankfully, Obama has made presidential history as the POTUS who deported the most illegal immigrants, ever. I wonder if Miss Théodule would consider our current president racist for that? I certainly don’t. It’s the law.


Lastly, why are all of these Montclair State University students misusing the word racist? The unidentified Trump supporting student candidly honored border control. She didn’t state that her race was superior to people of hispanic decent. If she had’ve, that would constitute as actual racism. Her peers are literally proving their own educations have failed them in the name of collective virtue-signaling. The saddest thing about that is, it takes attention away from honest racism and delegitimizes the meaning of the word itself.

People that tout open-mindedness the most are often the same people shutting out any opinion they disagree with, reducing themselves to the type of bullying and physical threats they claim to be against. Are Ashley Théodule or any of those other commenters immigrants? What gives them the right to puritanically attack someone on an issue they can’t even personally relate to? It’s hypocritical, baseless (in this instance), unacceptable and should be equally called out when it happens.

UPDATE: Ashley responded to the article shortly after it was posted.


Thankfully, so have some of her more open-minded peers.


Original Facebook comments may have been deleted by the account owner.