Let’s face it, Donald Trump is crass. I’m also not sure he’s all that conservative.

However, he’s not Hillary Clinton.

He’s also not racist, fascist or xenophobic.

I’m literally sick of seeing the media force-feed the American public this nonsense because not only is it completely untrue, but it’s also a series of lies told to propel the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s what the media isn’t telling you:

Trump has a 30-year history of helping ethnic communities


In the 80s, Trump received the esteemed Ellis Island Medal from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations alongside Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali and others. NECO originated in 1986 under the conviction of its founders that the diversity of the American people is what makes this nation great. Its mission is to honor and preserve this diversity and to foster tolerance, respect and understanding among religious and ethnic groups. Again, Donald Trump was one of the first recipients of this honor. But isn’t he supposed to be racist?


In the 90s, while Hillary was bringing urban communities ‘to heel,’ Trump was fostering an initiative with Jesse Jackson that brought decent paying employment to black and hispanic Americans.

Earlier this year, an executive and family friend that works for Trump, Lynne Patton, released a video dispelling media allegations that the Republican presidential nominee is racist.

A slew of other examples have been cited on my Twitter account as well, if what you’ve seen isn’t convincing enough.


People tend to judge Trump specifically for his character since running for president, negating a 30+ year history of actions that never prompted longstanding public accusations of racism. That is, until the media and Clinton campaign decided to use that angle to help steer ethnic and millennial voters away from the opposition. What’s also sad is that most journalists, Clinton surrogates and Trump naysayers tend to invalidate their own misguided judgement by not using the proper definition of the word racism when insinuating Donald Trump is racist.screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-1-02-25-pm

Anyone paying close attention to this year’s presidential election can see that Donald Trump has never actually insinuated that his race was superior. There is also no direct proof that he views races outside of his own as inferior. The main argument people use when claiming Trump is racist is citing his pervasive stance on immigration. Trump thinks American taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be wasted on illegal aliens undocumented citizens when our country has so many problems on its own soil that need to be addressed. The Republican presidential nominee has also previously suggested use of drastic deportation methods in order to protect American citizens from potential threats of terrorism. While I haven’t always agreed with Trump’s ideas (which often change), they do not make him racist or xenophobic. They show he cares about our country and its citizens.

The United States of America not only houses the most immigrants in the world, but also lets in more legal immigrants, annually, than a lot of other countries. As weak as America has been on border control, you would think more legal citizens might favor a presidential candidate addressing this issue on his platform. As the country continues to sink further into record debt, it’s ludicrous to assume the U.S. can continue to fiscally support millions of illegal aliens undocumented citizens while also trafficking in hundreds of thousands more from Syria. The globalist logic that has carried America since 2008 defies common sense and is hurting our country. Even Hillary’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, agrees.


The U.S.A. I know and love is losing its luster and, as far as I can tell, Donald Trump seeks to restore that. Hillary Clinton has said on numerous occasions that she plans to expand upon Obama’s legacy. The public should seriously wonder why someone would even feel okay running for president on a non-transformative platform in 2016. I simply cannot support a presidential candidate proposing an establishment platform that extends upon an administration which clearly hasn’t benefitted America. I am not by any means suggesting that Donald Trump is the solution America needs. I just know what our country doesn’t need — and that’s a third term of president Obama. The U.S. also doesn’t need a government (and media) that blatantly appropriates corruption.

As I continue to observe both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s antics on the campaign trail, I notice one particular difference. The media that catapulted Donald Trump to prominence during the primary election is also the same media trying to take him down in the general. While Clinton’s 30 year history of professional flubs are casually swept under the rug, every single thing Trump says or has done is heavily scrutinized and intensely judged. I get it. It’s a presidential election and details are important, but so is transparency. While I witness countless journalists, commentators and everyday citizens using unwarranted self-righteousness and virtue-signaling to drive voters towards Clinton, their collective brainwashing fails to encapsulate me. In fact, the mainstream media’s new way of reporting emotion over facts has quite literally pushed me towards supporting Trump in rebellion.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump during the primaries and never intended on supporting him in the general election. However, I’ve recently had a change of heart. I don’t romanticize the real estate mogul or view him as America’s savior like a lot of his followers tend to. I also won’t put him on a pedestal. Trump is not error free, but his mistakes (unlike Clinton’s) have never compromised national security, or cost the lives of American soldiers. While Donald Trump was never my ideal pick as the Republican presidential nominee, he’s the one we’ve got and he’s noticeably better than the alternative.


I don’t wear my “Make America Great Again” hat in direct backing of Donald Trump. I wear it because I honestly want to see America do better than it currently is. I didn’t purchase the massive Trump campaign sign that’s currently displayed in my yard to showcase my support of him. I put the banner on display to encourage anyone passing by to consider the only viable alternative to Clinton. Donald Trump gets wrongly dubbed racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and fascist because the mainstream media has conspired to make impressionable American voters see him that way. Unlike those that easily fall for it, I know better. Anyone noticing that none of these allegations materialized until Trump ran for president as a Republican should.


The Trump sign I currently have displayed in my yard.