No matter what people say about Donald Trump’s “racist” words, it’s Hillary Clinton’s racist actions that should make ethnic Americans question which political party frontrunner is truly in their corner.

The following ten undeniably racist moments from Hillary Clinton’s not so distant past further reaffirm why many African-Americans and their allies feel unsure they want to vote ‘with her’ in November.

1. That awkward moment when Hillary likened African-Americans to dogs that can be told “to heel”

In 1996, Hillary co-conspired with Bill Clinton in what many political analysts and blacks consider one of the biggest setbacks to the African-American community.

But wait. It only got worse when Bill Clinton tried to defend Hillary’s gross remarks from 1996 on a campaign stop for her earlier this year.

2. Hillary Clinton approved of Bill spending $20,000 to golf at an all-white country club

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 3.03.09 AM

If Hillary thinks she’s better at Trump when it comes to handling race relations, why did it take up until her husband’s presidential run before he finally felt guilty about frequenting an all-white country club?

Don’t let the Times article above fool you either. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton also felt it was fiscally appropriate to hunker down $20,000 just for Bill’s racially exclusive golf excursion.

3. Hillary Clinton once mocked accents when addressing African-Americans in public

Hillary Clinton, blatantly mocking accents at a 2008 campaign stop in Selma, Alabama.


4. In 2008, when Hillary is asked about race relations and running against Obama in the Democrat primary, she strangely brings up assassination

Why would a presidential candidate, when asked about her controversially (at the time) ethnic opponent, then reference the assassination of Robert Kennedy?


5. Hillary claims to keep hot sauce in her purse like Beyoncé, then admits it’s blatant pandering

When a presidential candidate actually admits they’re pandering, we should take their word for it.


6. If you think black lives matter, they clearly don’t to Hillary

In what would’ve been a perfect moment for Hillary to redeem herself for her infamous “super predators” comment from 1996, Hillary does the exact opposite, speaking condescendingly to her challenger before ignoring her altogether.


7. Hillary was close friends with a Ku Klux Klan leader and even spoke about his passing on video

When Trump was loosely linked to Klan leader David Duke back in February, he eventually rebuked the connection. Hillary Clinton? Not so much.



8. Observe how Hillary treats a potential Somali-American voter when slightly challenged

Hillary Clinton has a clear problem respectfully addressing people of color.


9. Hillary interrupts a Black Lives Matter protestor to tell him she “will talk only to white people”

I repeat, Hillary Clinton has a clear problem respectfully addressing people of color.


10. Hillary Clinton admittedly supports the “vision” of an extremely racist eugenicist and birth control pioneer

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations are to take abortion rights to an almost obscene level. When she received Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award in 2009, she took that obscenity to its breaking point by praising the “vision” of the woman to whom her award was named after. A woman who actually sought to curb the black population by utilizing female birth control as an unspoken form of eugenics.


And people are still going on about Trump?


Instead of obsessing over every racist thing Trump has ever said, it wouldn’t hurt to be transparent and equally give every racist thing Hillary has ever done the same respect. Actions always speak louder than words.