Facebook user, Va’Shona Dixon, recently took advantage of the Facebook Live video streaming feature to share her passionate opinion on the recent shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the public reactions from Black Lives Matter, President Obama and other prominent black leadership.

In the refreshing 13 minute clip, Dixon becomes unhinged as she questions the sanctity behind Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s political motives. She also refers to the Black Lives Matter group as a “cult,” questioning their divisive tactics while reminding viewers (with a shout-out to christians specifically) that “all lives matter.”

Va’Shona Dixon knows her words will likely spark criticism from her own community, but won’t let loyalty to her beliefs and commitment to authenticity overshadow the temptation to court blasphemy. In this video, Dixon says what a lot of us black conservatives tend to think, but keep to ourselves.

It’s nice to see the silent majority speak up for a change. Black christian Americans who don’t welcome victim mentality or divisive tactics fostered by the left do exist.