I certainly don’t.

As a fan of scary movies, I couldn’t wait to see Universal Studio’s newest installment of the James DeMonaco thrice-directed horror franchise, The Purge. The Purge: Election Year further expands on the fictional, futuristic, and virtually crime-free America where a reigning political class known as the NFFA (New Founding Father’s of America) have enacted legislation permitting crime, including murder, to be legal for 12 hours on a yearly holiday known as the annual Purge.


As the films unfold, it is revealed that the Purge’s actual intent, sold to the people as a God-approved cleansing ritual, is to eradicate the homeless and impoverished American populace in an effort to keep medical and government-assisted services under utilized. The Purge: Anarchy made light of this, but Blumhouse Production’s latest takes it to the next level. In Election Year, a presidential candidate running on a winnable anti-Purge platform and her lead security guard have to survive Purge night as the NFFA attempts to assassinate her. The majority of the country wants the Purge stopped, but the government refuses to end their annual murder-fest and will do anything to protect it.

Does a democracy-ignoring, corrupt Washington DC sound familiar?

Apparently, to some media outlets.

In an attempt to negatively associate the two, Complex wrote an article featuring a quiz that encouraged readers to guess who said quotes spoken by either The Purge’s fictional NFFA leaders or Donald Trump. Entertainment Weekly proclaimed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the literal inspiration behind the film’s political narrative. Bustle.com flat out asked if the movie was “about Donald Trump?”

On social media, people seeing the film fearfully questioned whether a Donald Trump presidency could indeed lead to the non-fictional American government enacting a Purge-like ritual. Donald Trump might be one of the most crass presidential candidates America has ever had, but he’s not running on a pro-Purge platform. First, that was left to the politician in the movie. Second, the Purge is a fictional holiday that doesn’t actually exist. America has and always will condemn criminal violence and isn’t going to start legalizing it anytime soon. Especially within Trump’s lifetime.

Twitter users likening Donald Trump to the Purge-approving politicians from the fictional film.

Twitter users likening Donald Trump to the Purge-approving politicians from the fictional film.

While people have been looking at Donald Trump as a possible catalyst leading America towards a real-life Purge, I can’t help but look at the everyday purge of life legally appropriated by Americans who choose to view an unborn human as an unwanted burden. We already have the Purge here in America and it’s called abortion. As legislation is continuously abused to protect abortion, late term abortion, and the often unsatisfactory facilities the procedures are conducted in, what’s next, after-birth abortion? And what spawns from the appropriation of more extreme abortion procedures, the annual Purge?

When we carelessly disregard life while it’s still inside of the womb, how long will it take before we start sharing the same sentiments outwardly?

The truth is, The Purge: Election Year doesn’t just try to make us take a deeper look at American politics. It wants us to take a more in depth look at our own regard for human life in general — which has nothing to do with Trump personally and everything to do with our preexisting government. In theaters today.