Why I recently came to the conclusion that fear is a completely natural reaction to drastic life change.

The truth is, I never thought today would happen.

When I say that, I mean it in the most literal sense. If you could rewind to this exact day, last year, I never would’ve imagined the events in my life unfolding as they have.

I happily worked for the number one tech company in the world.

I steadily formed a passion for politics, which led me to take interest in the Turning Point USA organization. I started working for them, part-time, as a Field Director for the Eugene, Oregon area and University of Oregon campus and loved the experience.

I never foresaw what was originally supposed to be a passion project turning into a full-time job and career — but it has.

I am excited to officially announce that I am the Campaign Manager of the Joe Potwora for State Representative Campaign. With the current representation we have in House District 11, we could truly use a fresh, more participant legislator who actually does the work it takes to make an honest, positive impact. I believe so strongly in Mr. Potwora and his ideas for my state that I consider it an honor to support his candidacy, professionally.

Having never done political work to this extent before, I was initially intimidated.

I’ve protested, I’ve organized. But could I actually be someone’s Campaign Manager?

It took a little bit of soul searching, but I eventually remembered that everything happens for a reason. I had already been doing political work that was sometimes challenging and I was succeeding at it. The work itself won’t be that different, just the scale in which I’m doing it.

It’s easy to play it safe, but that’s never been my style.

I’ve always secretly been addicted to challenging myself and this career move simply fits that narrative.

Sometimes it’s not about what feels safe, but what feeds the soul. Everything about the work I’ve been doing, whether it be for Turning Point USA, PAC’s, or campaigns, fulfills me and further substantiates my love for this amazing country.

Those are the types of feelings worth chasing.

While the pursuit of them can warrant fear, it’s scarier to imagine life not having taken the opportunity and I refuse to.