Or any other “Social Justice Warrior” for that matter.

Casually skimming my twitter feed, I stumbled upon a video that had been retweeted by MTV News. The clip featured The Nightly Show writer, activist and MTV Decoded host, Franchesca Ramsey. In the short segment, she criticizes the fact that out of 500+ American billionaires, only 3 of them are black. The MTV host then continues to intelligently break down the reasons why. While Ramsey’s style of content isn’t the normal type I personally seek out, she had sparked my interest. I decided to check out her official (and verified) twitter account to find out more information. That’s when I discovered Franchesca had blocked my account from being able to access her timeline.

BlockedByFranI had never interacted with her before, on or off twitter. Hell, I never even knew of Franchesca’s existence before unintentionally discovering her content. I was surprised, confused and borderline offended. What did I do to deserve the prosecution of my character without a fair trial? Why did it feel like this person already didn’t approve of my existence without even giving me a chance to defend myself or my beliefs — which is exactly what Ramsey does for a living. As a supposed champion for minority fairness, how could she be so unfair? And why? Intrigued, I did some research and discovered that the most (seemingly) open-minded voices tend to actually be the most closed.


Upon further investigation, I learned that I was probably blocked for being socially and politically conservative. The Nightly Show writer likely maintains an automated block-bot account attachment, which autonomously blocks twitter users for using targeted keywords or for following specific users. But honestly, if you tune into Ramsey’s typical broadcasts, I could’ve also been blocked for being male, not fully black, financially sound, and cisgender. Once you truly take in Franchesca’s often conflicting messages, you’ll realize they’re less about factual inspiration and empowerment and more about intensifying self-victimization through oppression-maintenance. Simply put, Franchesca Ramsey uses her sprightly MTV-backed visual rants to remind you that (if you’re ethnic, uneducated, poor, or LGBT) your life sucks and you should publicly shame everyone around you that doesn’t fit your description, blocking their opinion if it opposes yours, further vilifying them. And she’s even done this under the guise of free speech…

Political and social YouTube commentator, Sargon of Akkad, brilliantly broke down the many inconsistencies found in one of Franchesca’s recent MTV Decoded offerings, above. After doing so, Ramsey criticized his income, attempting to compromise it by “putting together” an email with the hopes it could potentially ban the commentator’s account for allegedly breaching the video-hosting site’s terms of service. All Sargon of Akkad had done was rebutted her video for (ironically) misappropriating free speech — because that is exactly what it did. Cd1MYprWEAAmQkn

The MTV host later denied trying to shut down Sargon of Akkad‘s fan-funded Patreon account, but Twitter screen-captures tell a different story, below.


Ramsey flat-out lied about reaching out to Patreon about Sargon of Akkad. Whether or not she actually went through with sending the email is beyond the point. She considered doing so simply because she didn’t like an opposing opinion. She blocked my twitter account and the accounts of many other twitter users because her brand of delusion somehow equates the customization of her social media experience to being a true safe space of sorts, where she can be the bully and victor of her public syndication without ever having to face scrutiny for it, even though it tends to indoctrinate. Not only is that an unrealistic way to function, but it’s weak.


What’s inspiring or empowering about someone who can critique without being open to criticism? How is one to learn anything or find strength in a fully customized existence? How is pushing one opinion but refusing to accept another truly embracing equality? That’s not even being open-minded, but I somehow think the MTV host is fully aware of this internally. Franchesca’s brand misleads its subscribers into believing the idea that abandoning all self-accountability for self-victimization in the name of being a “Social Justice Warrior” is an honorable feat. But when I see the Ramsey-celebrated acronym SJW and think of the vilification of liberal-opposition by way of trigger-accusations and safe-spaces, I see SJW for what it really is… Seriously, Just Weak!