So I protested for the first time ever and…

I loved it!

I was a nervous wreck at first, but it was honestly for no reason.

The truth is, this is all so new to me.


I’m a YouTuber (a term I honestly loathe), professional blogger, have a healthy online presence, and perform live. I’ve been in plays and musicals before. Being an activist should be a piece of cake, right?

Wrong. I was internally terrified! Sure, I’ve debated friends and coworkers about politics before, making strong points that stirred the argument in my favor. But on a public scale? That was something I had never previously tried. But it was also something I really wanted to get into.

Then I discovered TPUSA is a non-profit organization teaching millennials about the values of free-market enterprise, innovation, and the shortcomings of inflated government. All things I had strongly believed in before stumbling upon the group. Naturally, this made me want to get involved in some way.

I did some research and discovered a position within the organization. I am now, officially, the Oregon Field Director for Turning Point USA, specifically focusing on the Eugene area. With Turning Point, I will be educating my fellow millennials about the wonderful benefits of the things I mentioned earlier, plus I’ll be working to make impactful changes within my currently corrupt local government.


On my second day of work, I stormed the Oregon Capitol building with a group of fellow Turning Point supporters. It was thrilling, exciting and extremely positive — compared to other protesting groups you might see in the media. We came in, stated our message, and made sure it was heard. This post is not about the reasons for our protest, but feel free to find out more information about why we did via my twitter feed.

We also discussed the state of our government with legislators and actually felt like our voices were being heard. Turning Point USA is about the advancement of America through innovation and common sense ideals. I am thrilled to be a part of such a necessary youth movement and can’t wait to share more details with our readers in the coming months. The next chapter of my life just got interesting…