Do you ever slouch, hunch forward at your desk, or lay in an awkward position when you ‘Netflix and chill’?

Meet Lumo Lift, the digital posture coach and activity tracker you need to keep your back (and general health) in check.


So what does it do and how does it work? The small wearable uses sensor technology to monitor negative changes in your posture, prompting it to be corrected with timed vibrations that can be shortened or delayed to the user’s preferences. Lumo Lift is also a burgeoning activity tracker, monitoring your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned throughout the day.


A relatively simple piece of technology, Lumo Lift affixes under or over your clothes via magnets. The only visible trace of Lumo Lift comes in the form of a small, square magnetic clasp that comes standard with the device in black and aluminum. More colors and flashier clasp options (pictured above) are available at the website of the creator, Lumo Bodytech Inc.


Upon opening the box, you’ll find quick-start instructions (pictured below), a USB charging dock, black matte and brushed aluminum clasps, and a white plastic strap clasp (pictured above). An iPhone, Android or Windows smart phone is required to use the Lumo Lift, as well as the partnering — and very easy to use — Lumo Lift app.


Upon following the included quick-start guide and downloading the Lumo Lift app (pictured below), it’s extremely simple to get the Lumo Lift sensor connected and your back and health corrected. I used the Lumo Lift for one full 40 hour work week, (which is also about how long its battery lasted for) mainly spent behind a desk, and thoroughly appreciated how it kept me attentive of my posture. Whenever it would buzz and remind me to correct the way I was sitting, I’d immediately stop slouching or laying in my previous position and straighten to something more ergonomically sound. When it did run out of power towards the end of the week, I simply affixed it onto its charging dock and Lumo Lift was fully charged and ready to use a few hours later.


I already use Apple Watch to track my fitness progress, but if you don’t currently use an activity tracker, that’s the added benefit of Lumo Bodytech Incorporated’s Lumo Lift sensor. Again, it not only tracks your posture and reminds you to correct it when it’s wrong, but it also counts your steps taken, distance traveled, and the amount of calories you’ve worked off during its use.


The only complaint I have about the Lumo Lift, which is my own personal fault, is that I sometimes rashly change shirts forgetting my Lumo Lift was affixed to the one I was previously wearing. The last thing I want to do is run it through a wash cycle in my laundry, so I have to make a conscious effort to remember the compact Lumo Lift is attached to my shirt. You might find yourself doing the same thing and it can be daunting at times. Regardless, Lumo Lift helps to keep the posture and ergonomic health of its users in order, doing so in a way that doubles as an enticing fashion accessory and statement of one’s personal commitment to their own health.

Lumo Lift, one of the first of its kind, is available at online retailers and in select stores for $79.99. I personally recommend this device to my fellow desk workers and bad posture abusers. Proper posture is essential to a healthy life and if you don’t exercise it naturally, you might need the type of reminder that only the Lumo Lift can provide.