SoundCloud is a free (for listeners) music-sharing platform many hot musicians use to spotlight their upcoming tracks or projects, usually before being released commercially. From signed artists to emerging indie talent, there’s great music available to everyone on SoundCloud — no matter what genre you listen to. The following ten songs, available on SoundCloud, are ones I think are particularly worth your attention. Enjoy!

1. New Kind of Love – The Flavr Blue

Seattle-based trio The Flavr Blue‘s latest offering from 2015’s Love Notes EP is all about the chill vibes.

2. Only You – Chris Lee

Another gem from the PC Music camp perfectly clashes dance and middle eastern influence in this emotionally urgent, yet simultaneously infectious, pop gem.

3. Never Enough – Allie X

We’ve talked about Allie X before and her latest track entitled Never Enough, about love’s mishaps, has us talking about her again.

4. Gold – Death Team

Recently shared to the group’s SoundCloud account, Gold finds the Swedish duo in their hit-making element again as singer Maja Edelbring proclaims, “I’ve got blood on my hands, but no one cares.”

5. Same Shit – Breeze Park

Breeze Park‘s moody Mikey Carey-produced banger goes hard, calling out all those lacking originality. A great one for a thumping car stereo.

6. 19 in Mexico – Sofi De La Torre

Perfectly capturing the changes one may endure from 19 to now, up and coming singer, Sofi De La Torre, debuts strong with this angst-ridden track reflecting on young love.

7. 7 Days A Week – Chris Landry

The Houston, Texas rapper is definitely an artist I’d pay attention to in 2016 and his latest hustler anthem is proof of why.

8. Off White – FTLiens

A hilarious odes to anti-brunch, FTLiens latest SoundCloud offering lists everything they’re against and does so in the most surprisingly catchy way.

9. Never Seen – Gino Driggs

The flow, beat and vibe from the Los Angeles based rapper’s latest made its inclusion on this list an instant necessity. With tunes like this, Gino Driggs is definitely positioning himself for greatness in 2016.

10. Black Diamond – Tea Kittagucci

Hot off the success of her buzz worthy Dangerous Drinking Games EP, Tea is back at it with more new music, this time slowing things down for a smooth Larry Luxx production.

Whether you’re in the need for new music from voices you may not have heard before or just something to vibe in the car to, SoundCloud has got what you need. You just have to hope it finds you.