Do you ever get stuck while getting dressed to go somewhere, feeling like you don’t have a single thing in your closet to wear? We’ve all been there. Here are four suggestions on what to do when “dressers-block” happens to you. Hope it helps!

1. Try a different outfit combination

A lot of people have a full closet but still feel like they don’t have any clothing to actually wear. These feelings tend to arise for a multitude of reasons and are completely common. Maybe you haven’t gone shopping lately or have evolving tastes you don’t feel your closet currently reflects.

If this is the case, sometimes the best — and quickest — fix is making something new out of something you already have. If you find yourself pairing the same shirt and pants combinations regularly, try changing up your typical color scheme or mixing and matching pieces you’ve never previously paired before.

The results can be surprisingly stunning if you play your cards (and outfit choices) right. You can potentially try combos that will leave you feeling completely renewed in the potential of your own personal wardrobe. I’ve included a personal example of how I’ve executed proper mix-and-matching of my acid-washed burnt red American Apparel skinny jeans, below.


Same jeans, completely different outfit looks.


2. Go shopping, duh!

There’s nothing like a fresh shirt or pair of pants, a new coat, statement accessory or awesome hat to spice up your wardrobe options. With the Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to seize the opportunity to take the extra money or gift cards you may receive during the holiday season and direct those bonus funds towards sprucing up your wardrobe.

Here’s a short list of some places I recommend that have the hottest looks at the best prices:

Get your gift cards, debit/credit cards and cash ready. After checking out these five discount style mecca’s, you’re going to want to or wish you had.

Is shopping not in your budget? Here are some other suggestions:

Check out thrift shops for super cheap bargains a person could afford simply by scraping around the couch for lose change. Staple clothing resellers like Goodwill and Value Village are in more cities than you realize and house a lot of great finds, if you’re willing to take the time to look for them.

I once found a Burberry polo for $5 at a Value Village in my local city. A shirt like that would normally retail for $75-$150 at Nordstrom’s or Neiman’s. I love it, if you can’t tell.

Oops. My secret’s out.


Me, with actress, Susan Lucci, in my $5, thrift store purchased, Burberry polo.

Got no money at all for even the most discounted clothes?

Try a clothing trade-in retailer. Stores like Buffalo Exchange offer multiple locations across the U.S. and provides customers with the chance to trade in approved, no longer desired fashions for cash or in-store credit to be used to purchase new clothes.

What’s not to love about having an opportunity to score some new clothing for free? Check Buffalo Exchange’s Locations Map to find a store near you.


3. Don’t have time to shop? Join a fashion subscription service

If you have a demanding schedule like me and just want some new selections in your closet without actually having to take the time to peruse the local mall or boutiques, consider joining a fashion subscription service. You basically pay a monthly fee — different subscription services are priced at different tiers — and receive new curated selections, usually handpicked by a stylist, monthly, that are sure to revamp a wardrobe incrementally over time.

The following three fashion subscription services are definitely worth giving your attention:

  • (a completely affordable option for men at $60 per month)
  • (an option that gives women clothes in a fun tote at $49 per month)
  • (a higher end option that gives both men and women the option to let a stylist personally select options collaborated with the customer, set to the customer’s allowed budget)

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.05.21 PM

4. Consider a style makeover altogether

Sometimes, you just have to start all over again from scratch with a new look to truly inspire a change in fashion. As the above examples have converted their previously plain looks into chicer ones that definitely appeal, you can do the same with some effort and research. Just make sure you pick a good style guide!

If you try all of the methods suggested above, you’ll never find yourself feeling like you don’t have anything to wear — ever again! I mean it. You’ve even been provided options that could potentially bring you new clothes without having to actually spend any money. There’s no excuse.