To be perfectly honest, I’ve simply been really busy.

I love blogging and had really developed a regular pace for delivering unique pop culture news on, but it’s harder to do that when you’re adding in the schedule of a hectic career, love life and social life. I’ve definitely been staying busy, still have a lot to say (and rant about!), and never want my readers to think I’ve given up on providing the beloved content they’ve grown accustomed to. I’m just in a stage of self (and brand) evolution.

I’m getting older and so are my tastes. I’m discover new pleasures, loves, and interests. I’ve grown increasingly political and my focus has now gained depth I realize I could have benefitted from earlier in my career. I care more about things I used to not think about and care less about the things I’ve realized really don’t matter. I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. Trying to find a way to express all of this through your brand isn’t as easy as some of the others make it look.

It takes brainstorming and plotting I simply haven’t had time for. But I’m missing it, so this is my way of explaining my behavior while announcing that I will be working on new content in the coming months. Winter is upon us and the year (which started out strong) is almost over. This website is not. A butterfly sits practically dormant, metamorphosing in a cocoon before it becomes what it’s meant to be. My website and YouTube have kind of been doing the same while I’m getting ready for a metamorphosis of my own. I respect your patience during this time.

As always, the best is yet to come.