I love fashion in general, but generally prefer to rock a sportier look. However, occasionally breaking the rules and blending the worlds of both sporty and sophisticated fashion can sometimes harmonize beautifully to create a hybrid, edgy and truly unique look.

Pondering an example of the perfect execution of this look (pertaining to women) brought to mind actress and singer, Ryan Destiny. Having recently filmed the movie A Girl Named Grace with well-known actresses Meagan Good and Raven Symoné, Ryan is still cooking up new music with the Capital Records signed girl-group she’s in, Love Dollhouse, as well as executing her stylish mix of sporty yet high fashion looks in various photoshoots and at red carpet events. Observe the photos (above and below) to witness Ryan’s unique ability to take sporty looks and make them press worthy.

I simply adore Ryan’s creative (and flawless) style, so I had to share it.

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