The definition of the words literal and serious are not the same. While literal is interpreted as “representing the exact words of the original text,” the word serious is defined as “acting or speaking sincerely and in earnest, rather than in a joking or halfhearted manner.” While both words possess the essence of candor, there are distinct differences between the two. I relate this juxtaposition with my feelings concerning Bruce Jenner‘s very public transition into Caitlyn Jenner.

While my respect for ANY PERSON’S right to be whoever they want is serious, I find it hard to internally process that Caitlyn Jenner is a literal female when she is not. She’s a transgender woman. Bruce Jenner changed everything about himself (past tense) physically to become Caitlyn Jenner. From taking unnatural drugs to undergoing unnatural surgeries, a lot of extensive – and expensive – processes went into the creation of this now highly publicized woman. Is that level of self-loathing one we should go about celebrating to the point of it being rewarded?

I honestly don’t think it is.

While I feel slightly lousy equating transgenderism with mental disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) tends to come to mind when contemplating what transgender people endure to become the person they think they ought to be. While the majority insists that I’m wrong to feel this way and that I should adhere to some sort of “new-age gender evolution,” I’m left wondering,

How is mimicking everything one possibly can about society’s opinion of the opposite sex progress?

It isn’t and I personally think it’s a step backward for sexual evolution.

True equality revolves around a revolution. Being that whoever you are should be acceptable as is, from birth. I understand that it’s unfortunately not the world we live in, but it should be. If Jenner chose to simply grow long hair and wear makeup and dresses because he felt more relatable to purported feminine culture, versus complete physical transition, I would respect that. I have friends that do it and I respect their right to be the type of man they want to be, even if I can’t personally relate to their particular choices. I still consider them men because they’re just practicing a favored behavior and style preference. However, it gets confusing when a person can up and declare that they’re the opposite sex when that’s scientifically impossible. It’s common sense and I shouldn’t have to pretend it isn’t to spare someone’s feelings.

A lot of people might publicly acknowledge Caitlyn Jenner for who she wants to be while still internally seeing her as male, which is bound to happen due to the extremity of gender swapping. Instead of changing Jenner’s sex, maybe the stigma behind each noted gender – plus a global acknowledgment of intersex – should be open to further interpretation without changing the science behind the literal definition of the words.

I’d like to know why the idea of Caitlyn Jenner being his own kind of man is so wrong? Should men have to become women just to embrace a higher level of femininity?

In a preview for the former olympian’s upcoming reality show about the transition titled I Am Cait, above, Jenner states that she’s “the new normal.” I couldn’t disagree more. There’s nothing normal about going completely against the person you originally started out as just to feel self-acceptance.

Instead of changing to an obviously unnatural state, why can’t one create a different state entirely?

When a person trades one forced societal standard for another, purpose gets lost in translation. What our world should instead do is attempt to expand the interpretation of acceptable male and female behavioral practices so that people like Jenner don’t have to grow up feeling they need to undergo extreme (expensive and life altering) changes just to feel normal. Something’s not right about that in itself. I respect Jenner and anyone who chooses their own path enough to call them by new names and gender signifiers, but that doesn’t mean I’ll internally accept that Caitlyn Jenner is genuinely female just because she says she is. Just some food for thought.

UPDATE: I understand that this is a very sensitive post, but it is my personal opinion which I am rightfully allowed to share. Misconstruing my words as disdain for the transgender community is less open-minded than attempting to understand the intention of this post. I commend Jenner for putting her own happiness first, even if I think the way she went about it was extreme. We live in a world with labels, so we unfortunately have to embrace them and to not incite confusion, I particularly think the transgender community should embrace a more forthcoming definition. I do, however, hope that in the future we as a society can eradicate all labels so that people like Caitlyn Jenner (and the rest of the world combined) can just be themselves without explanation. To vilify me for not harboring the same thought process you adhere to is not practicing tolerance. You certainly don’t have to like my opinion, but in comparison to how most people are choosing to respect Jenner’s differences, I ask that you also respect mine. If you don’t, then I ask that you find content better suited to your liking. Like Jenner, I’m just being honest about how I feel inside.