Idaho rapper, Ylti, has always had his own wearable merchandise which was initially limited to awesome t-shirts, long-sleeves and hats. Now the artist who’s set to perform at Boise’s Music Festival on June 27th will be releasing his own set of shoes, referred to as the “Ylti 1’s.” The white sneakers feature a small black cloud emblazoned on the side, likely a reference to his popular (and personal favorite) Sky mixtape.

Another cool feature about the new footwear is the inclusion of illuminated soles which will be available in a multitude of colors. So far, 6 different colorful shades have been shared on the 21 year old’s twitter account. The Ylti 1’s are set to drop at the end of June and will be affordably priced at $40. Twitter even shared its excitement for Ylti‘s new fashion venture.

Check out some of the comments Ylti fans tweeted below:

All I’ve gotta say is, I want that dark green pair. Congrats, Ylti!