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Ryan Destiny is not only a talented actress, singer and model, but she’s also extremely down to earth – possessing a great sense of humor. Taking a peek at her personal twitter account will reveal a reflection of these traits and more as you see professional aspects of her life, her eclectic tastes, as well as some added inspirational awesomeness. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely stunning to look at. Destiny is a must follow in more ways than one.



Daniel Alexander legitimately has one of the most positive twitter accounts I’ve ever stumbled upon. Thinking about it actually makes me smile. Always encouraging his staggering 148 thousand twitter followers to look on the bright side, SNCKPCK – Alexander’s online moniker, is not only an inspiration on social media but also musically – with his LP’s and tracks available on Bandcamp – and visually – on his popular YouTube account. Oh, and he follows back friends and fans. What’s not to love about that?



Our first and only verified twitter recommendation is one of the most vibrant and random accounts you’ll ever stumble upon in the twitter-verse. Chippy Nonstop, the fabulous singer and DJ from Oakland, California keeps her feed arbitrary, blunt, talent-packed, yet often hilarious. Currently banned from the United States for five years due to lack of fulfilling proper visa requirements has wildly affected the Dubai-born singer’s twitter verbiage as of late, which one can casually note by skimming over her lively feed. The entertainment is definitely Nonstop with Chippy, that’s for sure.

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Mattia Castellano is not simply “Instagram famous,” even with her impressive 282 thousand followers. The alluring college student has been seen hobnobbing with celebs, is an active philanthropist and was even on an episode of TLC’s Long Island Medium – at only 21. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Castellano at an event in New York where we instantly became friends. Everything I would say about the Mattia I got to know in person is easily recognizable on her twitter account, where you can follow her honest and sometimes uplifting thoughts, fierce Instagram offerings and charitable efforts. A must follow indeed.



Barrington Moore is technically not a celebrity, but I kind of like to think of him as one. A University of Oregon college student, Moore’s twitter feed is packed with the standard fare of a young college-goer. Meme sharing, witty updates and party pictures are standard, but done in a way that’s cooler than most. In fact, Barrington himself is just cooler than most. One of the most cordial people I’ve ever met, Moore even charmed his way into an episode of MTV’s Friend Zone. He’s got a sense of humor that definitely deserves a follow, if not at least a glance.

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