I feel like I’ve lost sight of the extremely positive person I once was.

I used to be more optimistic and encouraging of others to be as well. I used to happily focus on my dreams and desires with intense anticipation for them to manifest. I used to be more benevolent and appreciative of the people and opportunities in my life.

That’s when it hit me. I finally realized the problem. I got into the routine of expecting over appreciating. It’s a dangerous rut to get stuck in. I had stopped appreciating everything around me, everything I  had already manifested.

When you’re good at getting what you want, that’s easy to do. But you must never forget your humble beginnings. You have to appreciate what you have to be granted things you’ll especially appreciate in the future. I had let my impatience transpire into expectation which furthered into a negativity aggregator.

I honestly didn’t even realize it until typing out this very post right now. Even though everything around me was revealing the signs.

The subject matter of tweets I stumbled upon seemed to magically be on par with how I felt internally. I would see my more positive online peers and secretly long to be like them, like I felt I used to be. “So why not start now?,” I thought.

In general, I am a positive person. To be perfectly honest, I’m happy more than less. However, it gets lost in translation sometimes. In a world where everything seems to be so instant, not immediately getting the things we want when we feel we’ve been working hard for them can appear frustrating. Those are the feelings I had got caught up in and I’m over it now.


I have made a lot of accomplishments in my life and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Realizing that and being grateful for it is only going to get me to the next step. You should never dwell on failures or short-comings. Always continue moving forward. I just needed to remind myself of that.