There’s something about 18 year old Interscope Records artist Pia Mia Perez that keeps her on my watch list. It’s likely her alluring style, exotic features, or impressive vocals. Though I think it’s a mix of three combined with the fact that the reported Jenner/Kardashian family friend just seems like an all around “bad bitch.” A look at her more recent music videos provides more insight:

‘Do It Again’ by Pia Mia featuring Chris Brown and Tyga

Perez’s latest offering is the feature packed Do It Again, above, with Chris Brown and Tyga. Though only a lyric video (so far), Pia Mia sings about wanting to be more than a one night stand to a possible love interest by asserting that the two should, “do it again.” Basically a modern day …Baby One More Time in the the musical stylings of a bad bitch.

‘F**k With U’ by Pia Mia featuring G-Eazy

F**k With U is one of my favorite songs to come out of 2015 so far. Featuring a banging beat and relatively simple hook, above, the G-Eazy laden track is about wanting to get with someone who likely feels the same way. Relatable concept. Plus the f-word is in the title, verses and chorus of the song of an 18 year old female singer. Bad bitch ear candy for sure.


Pia Mia on a motorcycle.

‘Mr. President’ by Pia Mia

Off of Perez’s excellent The Gift EP from 2013, Mr. President quickly asserts Pia Mia‘s status as a bad bitch, above, with the blunt choral lyrics, “I’m not the girl next door, you should already know.” As the song continues, Pia implores that she needs “a soldier,” and that she “can be your Marilyn.” A girl next door wouldn’t say those things but a bad bitch certainly would.


With a debut album coming later this year, I’m excited to see how Pia Mia will continue to project her bad bitch prestige, even though I don’t think she’s even trying to. It’s just the result of being that awesome. Get into Pia Mia at her official website