So many wonderful new musical releases have recently been bestowed upon the electropop, pop, EDM and hip-hop loving communities that I decided to compile a list of all the particular offerings that caught my attention.

Get into all of the new music below:

‘Never Gets Old’ by Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison recently released the new album Lost In New York. To further promote the electropop LP which comes four years after 2011’s self titled Penguin Prison, sole member Chris Glover casts his grandfather for the charming, summertime-fun visuals to a brilliant song titled Never Gets Old from the new album, above.

‘Underground’ by Adam Lambert

The next song to be released from Adam Lambert‘s new album (coming June 16th) is the sultry track Underground. Instead of crooning about heartbreak like he did in lead single Ghost Town, Lambert spices up the mood of Underground by lyrically obsessing over someone he can’t stop lusting after. The smooth and snappy pop number can be heard above and is available on iTunes with a pre-order of Adam’s new album The Original High.

‘High Off My Love’ by Paris Hilton featuring Birdman

Paris Hilton‘s new single is officially out and features rapper Birdman and ultra-sexual visuals. Get into the EDM track High Off My Love above or on iTunes and witness the ageless heiress in top form.

‘Sparks’ by Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is getting a lot of attention for her newly released visuals for third single Sparks. It’s not because of how sexy she looks in the clip either. The new video is interesting because it doubles as a commercial for the mobile dating app Tinder. Reality show style blips of Duff’s experiences with the love connection platform are woven throughout so heavily that you can’t tell if it’s a music video or documentary style ad. Slightly disappointing considering the song and musical aspects of the video are so damn good. Get into Sparks above (as well as on iTunes) and get ready for Hil’s new album Breathe In Breathe Out dropping officially on June 16th.

‘2 Cups (Double Cup Theme)’ by Double Cup (aka Major Lazer featuring Riff Raff)

FXX’s ADHD lineup recently gave Major Lazer their own cartoon. Original music from the project was sure to follow and has in the form of song 2 Cups, above, a theme for Riff Raff‘s character Double Cup, a hero turned villain who’s attempting to thwart a huge party. Go figure.

‘Don’t Dream It’s Over (Cover)’ by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande

Miley Cyrus is showcasing her philanthropic efforts in a major way with the creation of The Happy Hippie  Foundation, a non-profit organization her YouTube account says, “rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth, and other vulnerable populations.” To draw attention to the project, Cyrus has launched a series of “backyard sessions” that features the singer performing covers with other top artists, like she recently did with Ariana Grande above. The two pop starlets covered the Crowded House hit Don’t Dream It’s Over and I just thought it was too cute (and good) to not share. Check it out.