As far as (the rest of the world and) I am concerned, Taylor Swift is the GOAT…

The above gif is an example of how Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video made me feel.

Not just for having a killer crossover album, sold out tour and staggering win of 8 Billboard Music Awards during their latest awards ceremony, but for her completely (and literally) kick ass music video for third single from 1989, Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar. You heard me right. The To Pimp A Butterfly lyricist himself has reworked some hip hop flavor into Swift’s angsty pop anthem (and one of my favorite tracks from 1989) about scorned relationships that fans (like me) never thought they needed but will totally appreciate – and love.

Now for the video. Before we get into all of the celebrity cameos that were expected due to numerous press announcements, let’s talk about the mood and direction of the Bad Blood visuals. The project was directed by Joseph Kahn and it shows. From the beginning when a startling corpse falls from the ceiling onto an office desk and Taylor Swift‘s Catastrophe starts kicking ass and taking names, we know it’s going to be a gritty clip. Remember. Kahn’s also the one who did the epically brutal Powers Rangers fan fiction film.

Then Selena Gomez‘s Arsyn betrays Catastrophe and she receives bionically gifted reparations from Lamar’s Welvin Da Great, Lena Dunham‘s Fiori and Hailee Steinfeld‘s The Trinity, setting off a chain of star-studded events that prepare her for a final showdown with Arsyn on an explosive battlefield. This video has something for everyone and the inclusion of Kendrick Lamar‘s vocals is just the cherry on top of a hip-pop sundae.

The blood is bad alright, but the bad meaning good kind of bad. You’ve just got to watch Taylor Swift‘s self-produced effort above to see what I’m about. I loved it so much that I have been left wanting more. I would like to see a version with the inclusion of the two original verses (replaced by Lamar’s rap lyrics) plus the added feature, which would lengthen the already 4 minute clip. I longed for the video to continue, but Swift knows exactly what she’s doing by keeping things brief. Catering to short attention spans of a world that favor bite-sized media is smart and Taylor Swift has made a musical short film that accomplishes just that.

I found myself watching it repeatedly due to the fact that there’s so much to take in.

Bravo, Taylor. You’ve truly broken the internet and my sleep pattern. Happily.

Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar is now available on iTunes, where it currently sits at number 2 on the general music chart. Let’s change that, my fellow Swifties.