I’ve always been an admitted horror film fan. I wrote an article not that long ago about the scary movies I’m most excited about in 2015. That same anticipation coincides with television shows in the horror genre. With the success of programs like American Horror Story, networks are looking to capitalize on FX’s achievement with their own unique offering.


MTV has turned the Scream film franchise into a new 10 episode television series premiering June 30th. While I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this, I’m going to go into it with an open mind. I loved the entire movie franchise – especially Scream 4 – but understand that a weekly series is going to be different. So different that MTV has reportedly scrapped the iconic ghost face killer mask from the films. Another minor disappointment is Scream franchise creator Wes Craven‘s limited involvement. Regardless, wicked promotional trailers for the show have come out to encourage interest.

Get into them below:

Though the cast predominately consists of unknowns,  I love that RAM Rants favorite, Bella Thorne, was cast to recreate Drew Barrymore‘s legendary opening scene from the original Scream movie.

While network fronted horror never seems to spook me in the same way a good scary movie can, I remain hopeful. American Horror Story had its moments, but I’m a tough person to scare. When you’ve seen it all (as far as horror films are concerned), you become desensitized to the overused clichés in this particular genre. But with MTV’s Scream and Fox’s upcoming horror-comedy anthology Scream Queens, coming this Fall, traditional television is making an effort to appeal to us fans of scare-inducing content.


Unlike MTV’s Scream, Fox’s Scream Queens isn’t coming until Fall. At the moment, little has been revealed concerning visual interactions between the characters. No full trailers have been released. And that’s okay. It’s still a little too soon. Regardless, here’s what we know so far.

Ryan Murphy (GleeAHS creator) and Brad Falchuk (AHS creator) have created this project with Ian Brennan. Unlike with Glee and American Horror Story, there will be no singing. I am particularly happy about this because I think it allows the subject matter of the show to be taken seriously.

Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Niecy Nash, Nick JonasAriana Grande and more will star in it. Kind of an impressive cast, if you ask me. It’s also been reported that one character is set to die weekly. Intense, but exciting all the same.

Here’s the promotional trailers currently available for the show:

Allegedly, the series opens on a 1995 case of sorority hazing gone wrong. It then flashes forward to twenty years later when someone is out for revenge. To be perfectly honest, the above teasers don’t give much away. Instead, they leave you wondering what the hell this glamorized gore-fest will be like in full.


With Lady Gaga co-starring in American Horror Story: Hotel later this year, it’ll be interesting to see which scare-related show will fare best with audiences. All I know is I’m excited for each and every one of them. It’s about time TV started catering to horror fans.