To be perfectly honest, I was slightly worried when I decided to swap the profile pictures of the various social media accounts I maintain from photographs of my face and self to the official – and new – RAM RANTS logo.

But the truth is, it had to be done. RAM RANTS has been a brand for a while now and is steadily growing. As my twitter and blog accounts continue to churn out the latest relevant buzz, my platform is no longer solely about me.

Sure, I will always continue to share tidbits about my life, artwork, style and feelings. The RAM RANTS brand does begin with my initials after all. Regardless, a predominant focus on spotlighting the things I love about life and the entertainment world is a top priority and I hope to blend the two worlds in a way everyone can appreciate.

As I continue to cultivate my focus for providing and sharing great content, new projects, collaborations and events will be emerging in the near future. A new era of RAM RANTS is here.

As I grow, so must my image.