In a new zine titled What Is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me, photographer Sam Hiscox uses various pictures taken of lovers and friends between 2009-2014 to express the beauty of human connection.

“All of my friends love lives, and a bunch of friends who are completely inseparable and have these beautiful friendships, were flashing before me–I was blissing out… I acted on impulse to make something with them,” Hiscox said of the project.

“There’s a huge mix of stories throughout the images. Some of the pictures capture gay relations, straight relations, old relations and broken relations, they are pieced together and paired in ways that amused me.”

The ambiguity of the connections between those featured make pondering the age of each relationship, whether they’re friends or more, an amusing task.

“I just wanted it to represent love, funny, intimate, serene and beautiful moments,” Hiscox said. “The things that when we see them happening make us want to be close to a special someone–whether its a friend or lover, to share it.”

This alluring peek at the effects of human interaction is available for purchase on Hiscox’s website.

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