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What Seattle based artist Peregrine Church refers to as “rainworks” is a unique form of street art made using a superhydrophobic coating – Always Dry from Nanex – that can conceal works and messages, unseen to the eye, that are only revealable with water. Non-toxic and biodegradable, the Nanex manufactured liquid creates an invisible, waterproof coating that lasts up to four months on wood and stone.

Noticing the intriguing potential their product has for use as art, Nanex stated, “Always Dry nano-coating solvent can be used by parents or event coordinators for playing different games. With the help of it, they can hide various messages and artworks that can only be revealed through water. You can just create different messages on footpaths, trees or walls spraying Always Dry over them. Then, using water guns, your children, friends or colleagues will spray these parts and find out those messages that will lead them to the next clue.”

What a creative concept.

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