In 2014, music makers, SOPHIE and A.G. Cook of PC Music, produced a bubbly dance track titled Hey QT for performance artist, QT – Quinn Thomas in full. PC Music’s soundcloud only shared a brief snippet of the song, leaving fans wanting more. 7 months after the tease, an official video for QT‘s debut single with XL Recordings has arrived on the singer’s Vevo page.

Portrayed as an advertisement for the QT beverage, alleged to be sold at select music events during Q1 of 2015, the visuals, above, feature the singer in a lab for the drink, crafting an energy elixir she says provides,  “upward shine, vertical connectivity, and personal growth.”

Thomas goes on to explain the concept behind Hey QT, which is currently available on iTunes. “It’s about that feeling of sensing someone’s presence even when they are not in the same physical space,” she asserts. “When you think about someone and look at your phone and they have texted you at that exact moment.”

A free download of the Diplo-assisted remix to Hey QT is also available via WeTransfer.

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