Orphe: Smart-shoes for artists and performers.

According to CEO and founder Yuya Kikukawa, “Orphe is a smart-shoes system that uses motion sensors and LEDs to enable new forms of expression.” Featuring 100 serially-controlled LED lights, motion sensors, a Bluetooth module, and an ARM microprocessor, the performer-proof footwear can even have its illuminations controlled by a mobile app.

“This technology allows users to intuitively express themselves in new and interesting ways by freely mapping interactions between their movements and light and sound (patent pending). We also provide a system that makes it easy for users to share the assets they’ve created online, and we hope to grow a community of artists and performers working in different media and genres who can take inspiration from each other’s use of Orphe hardware and applications,” Kikukawa explains.

The shoes currently come in black and white, with sizes varying on the amount of funding efforts received via Orphe’s Indiegogo.COM campaign, which is ongoing until May. Find out more information about the cutting edge footwear – starting at $270+ for a pair – at the budding tech company’s Indiegogo page and watch a video detailing more about Orphe, below.