After getting turnt with Kendrick Lamar for That’s Me Right There and smooth and sultry for I Love Your Crazy, Jasmine Villegas is kicking boys to the curb in her latest dance inducing music video titled Walk Away. Of course Jasmine isn’t denying just any boys. Diddy‘s son Quincy Brown and rising male model Don Benjamin both make cameos in the visuals as possible love interests. The offering is part of the Pepsi Pulse Artist Spotlight.

“I wanted my friends in the video because to leave a hard place, you need the support of your loved ones. My friends have always done that for me. I had my best girlfriends there, my brother, my guy friends who are like brothers to me and my team who’s had my back through my journey. My lead guy was a good friend of mine and a talented artist named Quincy. He’s such a cool guy and I felt he would be perfect for the video along with a cameo from Don Benjamin,” Villegas told Complex.

Watch the Julian Muller directed clip above.