Charli XCX recently released her latest single and its music video – presented by the 2015 YouTube Music Awards – titled Famous. The edgy pop track is about a wild night out with a lady friend. For the tune’s visuals, above, Eric Wareheim took on directing the project towards a dark theme that satirizes the downsides of internet connected culture.

“This video for ‘Famous’ is dealing with something that’s very near and dear to me, which is taking selfies. I take selfies of myself maybe 20 times a day, post them up on the internet. I try to get my likes through the roof, by taking pictures of me, cause I want to be famous and that’s what the video’s about,” Wareheim acrimoniously stated about the clip’s meaning.

As you know, I hate selfies! So even though this is not my most favorite Charli XCX song, I love the video and its concept.