German blogger-turned-artist, Elonä, originally shared her aspirations on her Tumblr blog, then posted the actual project happenings to her Instagram account. The 20 year old takes numerous -reportedly 40+ – feminist statements such as “rapists rape people not outfits” and “my name is not baby,” affixing them on feminine hygiene products she posts in public places throughout her city of Karlsruhe, Germany.


“Feminism means equality for me! I’m not reading everything [online] because I didn’t do this for fame or stuff, I just did it to provoke and make [people] aware that sexism is a daily problem!” She tells Dazed. “I will take it a bit secretly. The only thing I can say is that I will do it, maybe abroad… And I want everyone to do this if she or he wants to do it!”

To participate, simply upload your photo with the hashtag #padsagainstsexism.

Powerful stuff.