French electro-pop duo, Chateau Marmont – aka Julien Galner and Raphaël Vialla, recently collaborated with artist, Marion Dupas, on an animated clip, above, to pair with their new song Everybody Is Somebody. The tune is featured on the groups latest LP entitled Sound of Shambala and will be available for purchase via iTunes on March 30th.

Sounds of Shambala reportedly received its inspiration from aspects of Buddhist and Hindu culture, causing Marion to utilize those references – along with added hints of sexuality and modernity – in her video.

The visuals for Everybody Is Somebody don’t just capitalize on eastern practices. Woven into the imagery are entertainingly random technological references like the Mac’s wifi symbol and spinning wheels in place of sexual organs, which conceptually appealed to Chateau Marmont during the creative process.

“Marion’s images convey sensuality, mysticism, oddity, and a certain innocence,” says Galner of the Dupas’s work. “She brings to life not only important figures of Hindu mythology, but also codes of the internet culture and tuning.”