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Clothing labels Opening Ceremony and Vivienne Westwood recently teamed up to release a capsule collection that celebrating Westwood’s “Worlds End” boutique that produced timeless, edgy pieces during the eighties.

“A collection by Vivienne Westwood exclusively for a new generation of rebel hearts, the Worlds End Capsule revives the ‘Clothes for Heroes’ archives from Westwood’s storied Kings Road shop in Chelsea, London, and the era that defined a punk generation. Each piece was carefully selected for its influential “status” concept and defiant DIY spirit, including classics reissued using prized, leftover scraps. For instance: pinstripe Drunken Anarchy shirts, Propaganda sweatshirts that speak to climate change, photoreal breast-printed tees, and the 1983 Three Tongue Trainers (a catwalk first!),” says Opening Ceremony of the collaboration. “We were really excited to go through [Worlds End’s] iconic styles and select these key pieces that are a perfect combination of the Opening Ceremony and Vivienne Westwood spirit. We felt each item would really engage our customers and resonate naturally today,” Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon also added.

The entirely unisex capsule collection is officially available at Opening Ceremony’s Los Angeles, New York, and online retail stores.