Tinsley Mortimer is so much more than a clothing, homeware and accessories designer, author, magazine fixture, former Dior brand ambassador, socialite and television personality. Tinsley is also a graduate of Columbia University and descendant of Thomas Jefferson.

If you haven’t heard of her, Tinsley originally became a household name after ruling the New York social scene for most of the mid to late first decade of the 2000’s, as witnessed on a segment for CNBC’s High Net Worth, below. She continues to make regular televised appearances on various media outlets like HGTV, where she recently showed off her New York apartment, above. She even guest starred on an episode of Gossip Girl and was cited as a source of style inspiration for the show.

Nowadays, Mortimer can be seen in magazines like the cover of December 2014’s City & Shore. That is, when she’s not conducting photo-shoots, attending events, or promoting her new houseware line with Pop Culture Living, featured on OK TV, below.

Leaving New York for a two year stint at her family home in Palm Beach prompted Tinsley to make a triumphant return to the city at the end of 2014. With Mortimer officially back in the big apple, who knows what’s in store for the stylish entrepreneur in 2015? Whatever the case is, it’s sure to be fabulous because everything concerning Tinsley Mortimer is. Welcome back.