I love to cover art here at RAMrants.com, but equally love to laugh. Since a lot of other websites are highlighting the amazing performances from the 57th annual Grammy Awards, I figured I’d cover the things about the spectacle that personally entertained me on a comic level. 27 different memes are featured throughout 15 different 2015 Grammy Awards moments.

Read, watch, laugh and have a happy Monday, RAMrants.com readers!

1. Iggy Azalea’s braid memes

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Whether it was compared to a bird’s nest, lego head, or bread roll, the braid Iggy Azalea sported to the 2015 Grammy’s became such a viral topic on social media that it overshadowed her four controversial award nominations.

2. Ariana Grande & Big Sean… At the prom


When rapper Big Sean and singer Ariana Grande made their second red-carpet debut as a couple at this year’s Grammy Awards, social forums immediately began comparing the appearance of the duo to that of a high-school prom date.

Can’t say I entirely disagree…

3. Kim Kardashian channeling Ric Flair



The picture speaks for itself.

4. Rihanna’s BIG pink dress memes

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The comparisons range from pink Pac-man villains, to a cake, dolls, and even a loofah. No matter how good Rihanna‘s performance of FourFiveSeconds was at the 2015 Grammy’s, social media will never let her live down this dramatically colorful fashion decision.

5. Pharrell, the doorman

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.39.32 AM


Whether it was the Hilton Hotel’s tweet that likened artist Pharrell to one of their doormen, or a viral meme referred to as “Grand Budapest Pharrell,” above, the new infamous hat Williams decided to sport during his 2015 Grammy Awards performance overshadowed his actual singing.

6. Chris Brown, the Joker


Someone on twitter compared R&B crooner Chris Brown‘s 2015 Grammy Awards appearance to that of the Joker (from the Batman franchise) and I can see it.

7. The spirit of Left Shark behind Katy Perry


Katy Perry may have performed at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, but was still reminded of the notorious Left Shark from her recent Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.

His nonchalant dance moves live on…

8. Lady Gaga & Miss Piggy


When I first saw this meme likening Lady Gaga’s 2015 Grammy’s red carpet look to that of Miss Piggy, I thought it seemed mean spirited. Lady Gaga looks great! Upon further examination though, the similarities can’t be denied.

I mean, look at that cleavage!

9. Sia’s Lady Gaga tribute Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.24.18 AM

Sia arrived at the 2015 Grammy Awards with a mop of hair that made her completely unrecognizable, like a certain singer who had donned a similar look before her…

10. Prince starring on ‘OITNB’


Prince wore a bright orange number to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards and this hilarious Orange Is The New Black related meme was born.

11. The horrible fashion of Grammy no-names

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.43.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 6.43.57 AM

I’m not quite sure who these two 2015 Grammy Awards attendees are, above, but the fashion they chose to sport at the event was bad enough to garner viral social media chatter, which I’m not sure is impressive or insulting.

12. Kanye almost interrupting Beck

Like his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is never short on controversy. When rock musician Beck took home the 2015 Grammy Award for “Album of the Year,” West almost pulled a stunt similar to the one he successfully executed on Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. He headed towards the stage during Beck‘s acceptance speech.

But instead of making his way to the mic, he swiftly – no pun intended – turned around and went back to his seat. A gesture he later claimed was done to make bring attention to the fact that he felt the accolades belonged to Beyoncé. The most hilarious thing about the whole act to me was Beck‘s reaction. He actually encouraged Kanye to come back to the stage.

The man (Beck) must know a good opportunity for viral publicity when he sees one.


In other news, Taylor and Kanye have obviously moved on…

13. Jay Z and Beyoncé reacting to Kanye

What was almost more funny than Kanye’s attempt at a second award show stage bum-rush was Jay Z and Beyoncé‘s priceless reaction to it, above.

14. Taylor Swift getting the “basic” stamp

I may be a newer fan of pop-singer Taylor Swift, but that doesn’t mean she’s incapable of having a moment that makes her appear a little less cooler than her PR team would prefer.

It’s a cute idea that she likes to attend award shows and dance during the performances of her favorite artists. However, it comes off so calculated that I can’t help but agree with social media’s general consensus that such behavior equates to that of a basic.

15. Paul McCartney having a moment

Paul McCartney really got into Jeff Lynne‘s 2015 Grammy Awards performance and it was cute.