Quebec based photographer, Ulric Collette, has been garnering acclaim for his “Genetic Portraits” series, a photographic research experiment exploring the genetic similarities of family members. For the project, Ulric recruits various combos of relatives – Father/Son, Mother/Daughter, Grandmother/Granddaughter, Brothers, Sisters and so forth – and photoshops the two together to form one split family portrait.

As you can see in Colette’s most recent mashing of a 61 year old Grandmother and 12 year old Granddaughter, below, the effect can provide a truly astonishing look at how similar relatives can be in appearance. “I’m really proud of this one,” Ulric states of his latest effort. “On a personal level, this photograph represents the two most important women in my life. On a more technical level, they look so much alike that it’s incredible. It’s because of results like that I continue to do this series.”


Grandmother / Granddaughter: Ginette, 61 & Ismaëlle, 12


Father / Son: Claude, 54 & Benoit, 23


Mother / Daughter: Marie-Pier, 18 & N’sira, 49


Sister / Brother: Geneviève, 33 & Jean-Michel, 30


Mother / Daughter: Francine, 56 & Catherine, 23


Brothers: Dany, 31 & Éric, 39