Masked EDM newcomer, Sickick, recently uploaded a video to his YouTube account featuring a 2015 live mix of Missy Elliott music. The project was inspired by Missy’s recent spot in Katy Perry‘s Super Bowl Halftime Show and the fact that it left some of our nation’s younger generation thinking she was a new artist.

“I wanted to show them what a legend Missy Elliot was in her prime (and still is today) by making a megamix of all her smashes using only her samples,” he said of the project, which is a dazzling showcase Elliott even shared on her official twitter account.

Sickick not only affirmed Missy’s talents but showcased his own, concluding the mix by adding his vocals into the Ciara fronted Missy Elliot feature 1, 2 Step. “This entire live mix was created using only samples cut up from Missy’s songs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did,” he added.

Watch the thoroughly enjoyable mix above and make sure you check out Sickick‘s debut EP, entitled TalkSick, available at BitTorrent.