I would like to start this post by saying that I am a moderate Beyoncé fan. I loved Destiny’s Child, most of Mrs. Carter’s solo singing career, and my favorite song of 2014 was even 7/11. The contents of this article is not meant to dissect the leaked photos of the Crazy In Love singer. Honestly, no ill-intent is directed towards Beyoncé at all. What I would like to address is the unrealistic image standards set by Hollywood and its key players.

I’ve always loved Beyoncé‘s look and music since her girl-group days. The one thing I wasn’t fond of was her image. I respect the fact that she is one of the only top-tier artists maintaining an old-Hollywood appeal with the way she carries herself, by keeping her private life and professional life completely separate. She might share occasional personal photos, but even those are known to be ran through a filter of calculation and possible retouching before ever reaching the public.

With an impressive 17 grammy awards, a hit album she didn’t even have to promote, and a Super Bowl Halftime Show, plus multiple successful worldwide tours under her belt, she’s become the golden child of the music industry. And unlike her many peers that have been in a similar position, she’s done it without a single self-involved public scandal. Don’t get me wrong. There have been many rumors and the infamous elevator incident, but none have ever been proven true. Simply put, Beyoncé has a “flawless” public image. Pun intended.

While that would make her a seeming role model and picture of Hollywood perfection to most – as it has – it personally left me feeling like we truly know nothing about the world’s biggest superstar. Beyoncé will sometimes share her opinion on social issues with the public, but it’s never in a way that’s passionate enough to convince me that she’s not doing it because some organization prompted her to. She’ll share a personal photograph of herself vacationing on a yacht, which becomes public scrutiny after the media realized it’s been retouched by her own team.

Beyoncé only lets us know what she wants us to know.

But what I want to know is, who is the real Beyoncé? A fierce musician who lives a life one could only dream about?

Or is she like you and me, a human who’s really good at hiding her flaws (most of the time) while using all available platforms to project a life she only wants the world to believe is hers? I’m going to go with the second option. Moving on to the leaking of Beyoncé‘s un-retouched Loreál ad photos…


A series of photographs featuring Beyoncé sans photoshop emerged on a Beyoncé fan website and have since sparked tons of media controversy. Likely due to the fact that the Drunk In Lover singer is never seen in public not looking perfect. Haters instantly celebrated the reality of Knowles-Carter’s appearance, while fans immediately came to her defense. I personally liked that the release happened, not because I feel Beyoncé deserves anymore scrutiny than she likely naturally receives. I just liked the fact that she finally had an honest moment. Like, a truly honest moment.

I have a little sister and a plethora of female friends. I know what Hollywood’s completely unrealistic imagery does to women and the world in general. How is a person supposed to feel about themselves if Beyoncé‘s perfect image is the main thing they have in comparison? That’s why the truth is refreshing. Beyoncé is only “flawless” when she’s singing about it in her songs and music videos. Her and the companies that hire her like to indulge in the use of photo filters (a form of retouching) just like the rest of us would on Instagram. That’s why I’m glad the leak happened. Beyoncé remains beautiful regardless of the retouching, but people need an occasional reminder about just how real Hollywood isn’t.