I’ll never forget the first time a friend gave me critical feedback on the new redesign of RAMrants.com, which took place over the summer of 2014. What I thought was going to be predominate praise (Because I felt I had worked really hard on it and like the results!) turned into a short-list of little improvements that could be made. One of those being that RAM (Me, Richard Armande Mills) needed to “rant” more.

People tend to put a negative association on the word “rant.” It can be synonymous – by its definition -with noisiness or complaining, when my personal use of the word has nothing to do with either of those things. The inclusion of the word “rant” following the initialed version of my full name is a capitalization on the fact that I am an online personality, broadcasting my work, message and life.

If you observe Merriam-Webster’s second definition for the word rant, it’s also considered to be a “bombastic extravagant speech.” The British definition is listed as, “a rousing good time.” What I’m getting at is that my version of ranting is honorable. There are so many things in this world that I love, experiences I want to share, and I’m excited enough that I want to rant about it. That’s all I’m saying.

Looking back at some of the suggestions my friend had offered led me to conclude that he was somewhat right. The RANTS section of the website tends to be the collective personal space for my thoughts, opinions, and life experiences. Yet, I had initially been so focused on providing the world with exuberant, original and eclectic content that I haven’t put my own story in the mix, which is usually the connecting factor of the reader to the personal blog.

That all changes in 2015.

The same great original content will be here, plus some new personal touches. I’m not going to spoil the surprise of what that particularly means, but get ready for it. It’s time for me to fully introduce myself.