Regardless of the countless leaks, I’ve got to be honest and admit that this current era of new Madonna music hasn’t been my favorite… Until now. The Living For Love singer performed her current lead single from her upcoming album at the 2015 Grammy Awards to the delight of fans, but it was her surprise release of three new songs from Rebel Heart that brought Madonna back to the top of the iTunes charts.

Joan of Arc, above, Hold Tight and Iconic (featuring Chance The Rapper and Mike Tyson) are the titles of the three tracks that mysteriously became available at the start of this week, as part of Rebel Heart‘s exclusive pre-order.

While the three new tracks coordinate with the other six that are currently available, exploring similar themes relating to love, celebrity and endurance, it’s Madonna‘s smooth and powerful track Joan of Arc that particularly stands out as one of the album’s strongest moments heard thus far.

The reason being its raw, honest lyrics paired with an insanely slick pop melody that moves back and forth between slowed down verses and a sped up hook. Having listened to Joan of Arc on repeat since its availability makes me wish Madonna had’ve made this the lead single.

With nine tracks out of 19 currently available, Rebel Heart is still sure to surprise. I personally prefer the type of new Madonna music that isn’t simply trying to keep up with what’s popular in the mainstream. Plus, she sounds beautiful when she uses her upper register like she does on Joan of Arc, above.

What do you think of the three new songs from Rebel Heart and this new era of Madonna music?