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To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of internet personality, actress, singer and model, Lauren Avery, until around 5:30 A.M. this morning. I woke up earlier than I care to and did my normal routine of tea and blog perusing as a result. That’s when I stumbled upon Dazed Digital’s premiere of the Lauren Avery (starring and directed) short film Tears Of Santa Barbara, below.

The almost eleven minute long clip features Lauren learning about the death of her grandmother, seeking refuge at the Four Seasons, then creating a low-budget horror movie (literally made on an iPhone) as an offbeat tribute to her deceased relative. Being entertained and overwrought by Avery’s charming pretentiousness in the film prompted me to do more research on the media proclaimed “LA club kid.”

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Let’s just say, I was intrigued by what I found. Born and raised a product of Los Angeles high society, Lauren Avery rose to moderate fame when she dominated the LA club scene under the alter-ego “Meg Ryan.” Fast forward to the present and she’s been in magazines, various creditable online publications, high fashion shoots and has a growing IMDb account. She also operates a kick-ass Instagram and Twitter.

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No matter what you think about Lauren Avery‘s eccentric personality or art, one thing’s for certain. The woman is making moves and I am now personally captivated by them.