Chippy Nonstop is one of my favorite artists to have stumbled upon in 2014. Her charmingly blunt attitude, catchy tunes, eclectic fashion sense and exceptional taste in music keep her on my radar as an artist to watch. The fact that she has a great sense of humor – as seen on her verified twitter account – doesn’t hurt her appeal either.

We’ve talked about her infectious J-Pop style track You + Me featuring Kitty (Pryde) before and I’ve personally recommended her DJ Sets – she sometimes shares on her official soundcloud account – on my own personal twitter account. Now I’m bringing up the Dubai-born singer for different reasons.

Upon a random – somewhat promotional – vacation to various parts of Asia, Chippy Nonstop was eagerly attempting a return to America when she was harshly detained by Homeland Security and deported to Canada, where she holds proper citizenship. Allegedly unaware of her visa status in America, the deportation comes as a depressing shock to the California native. Currently stuck in Canada with no family, friends, money, or resources, Nonstop is banned from entering American territory for five whole years – unless we, the citizens of the United States of America, take action.

I mean, look at what we could be missing out on if Chippy isn’t on U.S. soil?

Support Chippy Nonstop monetarily by purchasing her music on her official bandcamp page and sign this petition to urge the United States government to lift Chippy’s ban and let an original, fabulous, independent artist back into the country she calls home.

Even Kreayshawn – Nonstop’s friend and host-mate on the rapper’s “Lost In Thot” podcast – has been encouraging Americans to “free Chippy” via twitter.