The 14 episode first season of Sailor Moon Crystal recently concluded with an almost immediate segue into its new Black Moon story arc. Fans of the previous animated series and manga versions of the franchise seemed to exhibit mixed reviews throughout the entire bi-weekly airings.

What some felt was sketchy animation, an overly speedy plot and lackadazical character develop have not helped the new series. Regardless, enough fans have been enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal (including myself) for its second season to be moving from solely online streaming based programming to actual live television broadcasts, according to the official Japanese website for the franchise.

This is exciting news for fans of Sailor Moon Crystal (and Sailor Moon fans in general) because it likely means that the show could possibly be extended past its second season.

With the way the Dark Kingdom arc ended, it’s safe to say we’re in for some exciting surprises.

Let’s just hope this second helping of shows doesn’t leave us scarred like we were quite a few times during the first 14 episodes. Whatever happens during the next arc, I guess we could always just choose to remain as unfazed as Mamoru in the gif below…

Some of the artistic mishaps can be annoying but I honestly like the new series for what it’s trying to do and can’t wait for the next episode!