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Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and – for the first time since grade school – I took time to celebrate the holiday by remembering a great man who made huge, positive strides concerning the racial equality movement of the 60’s.

Two friends and I (the three of us all ironically of mixed race) got together and escaped to the beautiful beaches of Florence, Oregon to reflect upon the great achievements of this man and the impact his influence has had on our own lives. As we hiked through alluring surroundings, we found ourselves offering a moment of silence to Dr. King.

After leaving the beach, we listened to MLK’s legendary “I Have A Dream” speech. It was kind of saddening to hear that our nation is still currently experiencing racially charged issues Martin Luther King Jr. spotlighted in his dialogue 50 years prior, such as police brutality.

Continuing our adventure, we dined, went out for dessert, and bonded over the freedoms we were now able to experience thanks to the efforts of inspiring leaders like MLK. From now on, I will always make sure that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is one I choose to celebrate. A day where America should reflect, remember and respect the ongoing dream of total equality.